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LG and Zenith 6912B22002C “How-To” Guide – Replacement Projection LCD TV Lamp

LG and Zenith 6912B22002C Lamp Replacement This guide is being published to show how easy it is to replace your original Zenith 6912B22002C Lamp. Do NOT purchase generic brand lamps such as LTI, APO or third-party manufacturers such as OSRAM.

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Samsung HLN617W Lamp Replacement

Just received my replacement Philips lamps and DM adapter. MANY questions!! The new lamp is VENTED! Great idea – but HOW to orient the vents?? After much thought, I decided to mount the lamp with the vents horizontal. Several reasons:

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Samsung BP96-01073A, BP96-01073A(P120W), BP9601073A Replacement DLP TV Lamp Enclosure

For the best price & service on an original BP96-01073A Samsung replacement lamp, click here The Samsung BP96-01073A Enclosure goes by a few different names: BP96-01073A(P120W), BP96-01073A(P), BP9601073A. Here are a few pictures of the enclosure assembly (complete plastic housing

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How do I replace the lamp out of my RCA, Samsung, Sony, Zenith, Hitachi, Panasonic, JVC, Philips, or LG TV?

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED Well… instead of writing individual pages for various “How-To” guides, we have created a single page.  We will update this page as more guides are made available.  If you have a request for a specific enclosure,

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Samsung BP96-00826A Replacement Lamp Enclosure Pictures

The BP96-00826A lamp enclosure was primarily manufactured for the HLR Series and select HLP Series TVs.  There’s widespread misunderstanding about lamp compatiblity and various Lamp Codes because there are two different lamps inside the HLP Series TVs. The BP96-00826A is

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Samsung BP96-01472A P132W Original Replacement 132W Philips Lamp Enclosure

Pictures below are of the BP96-01472A Lamp Assembly. The lamp is a 132 Watt Philips UHP (K2, PHILIPS 132W, HD5) Lamp. To purchase this lamp, click here for the absolute lowest price anywhere. The our knowledge, the following TVs use

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