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BenQ MP610 projector review

Learn more about the BenQ MP610 projector With its bright 2000 lumens, the BenQ MP610 projector is a multipurpose projector designed primarily for an office setting. It performs well under harsh office lighting with a lamp life of 3,000 hours (more if

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Samsung HL-R6167W 61″ DLP High Definition Television:

To buy a replacement lamp for this television click here. The Samsung HL-R6167W is a high definition television that uses the DLP technology and has a screen size of 61 inches when measured diagonally. The set uses the Digital Micromirror

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Samsung BP96-01653A DLP Lamp Enclosure: Philips 132W / 120W Lamp

The latest generation of Samsung lamp based Projection DLP TVs utilitize one of two enclosures: either the BP96-01472A or the BP96-01653A Enclosure.  Both enclosures cover the HLS and HLT Series DLP sets. The Samsung BP96-01653A Enclosure is powered by a

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Hitachi 50VX915 50-inch rear-projection LCD HDTV:

The Hitachi 50VX915 is a rear projection high definition television and uses the LCD technology. It has a 50 inch screen size and is from Hitachi’s Directors Series. The thin and compact black cabinet of the set looks very stylish

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Hitachi 50V720 50-inch rear-projection LCD HDTV:

The Hitachi 50V720 is a rear projection television that uses LCD technology and has a 50 inch screen size. The cabinet has been aesthetically designed with the use of a dual toned silver and black cabinet. The front side of

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Hitachi 65F59 65-Inch CRT Projection HDTV

Even with new technologies like the plasma, the LCD and the DLP taking the markets by storm and occupying most of the market share some of the manufacturers are still offering large screen CRT projection sets with better performance at

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Hitachi 55VS69 55-Inch LCD Projection HDTV

The Hitachi 55VS69 is a high definition television using the LCD technology and has a screen size of 55 inches when measured diagonally. With the use of the LCD technology Hitachi has managed to keep the set very compact and

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Hitachi 62VS69 62-Inch LCD Projection HDTV:

The Hitachi 62VS69 is a high definition television using the LCD technology and has a 62 inch screen size when measured diagonally. LCD HDTV’s till now have not exactly been given the attention that is normally bestowed upon the other

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Hitachi 50VG825 50” HDTV LCD Television

The Hitachi 50VG825 is a 50” high definition, rear projection television using LCD technology and is from Hitachi’s Ultravision CineForm. The set offers a native resolution of 1280 X 720 at 720p with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The cabinet

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