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3 steps to a new Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV lamp

Follow this 3-step guide for replacing the lamp in your Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV. You’ll need a a new Mitsubishi 915B455011/915B455A11 Lamp. Step 1: Know when to replace Wondering when to replace the Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV? Watch for the telltale signs of

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When to replace the Mitsubishi 915B455011/ 915B455A11 RPTV lamp

Watch for the telltale signs of a dimmer picture on the Mitsubishi screen or colours that appear off. When the Mitsubishi 915B455011/915B455A11 lamp is no longer working the Status Light on the front of the Mitsubishi RPTV will begin blinking

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Why generic RPTV Lamps cost more

When it comes to replacing the lamp in your Rear Projector TV (RPTV) lamp, you’ll want to protect your investment and buy from a certified manufacturer or reseller. It may be tempting to buy a generic replacement off the Internet

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3 steps to a new Mitsubishi WD-82642 RPTV lamp

Follow our 3-step guide to a new Mitsubishi 915B455011 / 915B455A11 lamp in the Mitsubishi WD-82642 RPTV. Step 1: Know when to replace The first indication that the Mitsubishi Mitsubishi 915B455011 / 915B455A11 lamp needs to be replaced is a picture

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7 Tips for extending RPTV projector lamp life

Extend the life of your RPTV projector lamp with these maintenance tips You don’t have to spend money and keep replacing the RPTV projector lamp. Follow these tips and make your lamp last longer. Turn off the TV. When you’ve

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