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When to replace the Sanyo POA-LMP14 projector lamp

The life expectancy of your Sanyo POA-LMP14 (service parts no 610-265-8828) lamp depends on the amount of usage and whether the air filters are cleaned on a regular basis. A build up of dust on the filters will reduce the cooling

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6 Steps to replacing the Sanyo PLC-8805B/PLC-8805P projector lamp

The blinking orange light on your Sanyo PLC-8805B/PLC-8805P means it’s time for a new lamp. Follow our easy replacement instructions to learn how to replace the projector lamp for the Sanyo PLC-8805B/PLC-8805P projector. STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR SANYO¬†PLC-8805B/PLC-8805P LAMP REPLACEMENT The

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