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Sony TV Owner’s Manual for your LCD Projection Television

Sony LCD Projection TV Owner’s Manuals We’ve got a lot of television manuals for you to check out. This set is a compilation of Sony TV manuals we’ve found over the years. All of them are available for download in

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How to replace Sony XL-2200 lamp enclosure for your projection TV.

Sony XL-2200 Lamp Enclosure. Step 1.- Before you start doing anything, unplug the TV from the wall outlet. There are a few thousand volts going through your ballast, be very careful! It’s also a good idea to let the TV

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Falsificacion de lampara UHP PHILIPS

  Falsificación de lámpara UHP PHILIPS Cuidado!!! Hay en el mercado Lámparas falsas (Clonadas) de reemplazo, que utilizan la marca PHILIPS. Hace unas semanas escribí un artículo en ingles sobre lámparas, copiadas e ilegales. El cual brevemente se hablo sobre

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Sony kds-R60xbr1 colour problem????????

I can get my hands on a Sony KDS-R60XBR1 but the picture seems yellowish or greenish. Can anybody say that this is a colour wheel problem or something else in the TV?

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