RCA HD50LPW175 whacky colors — Is it the color wheel?

I’ve owned my RCA HD50LPW175 for just over a year now. Kicking myself for not buying any extended warranty. A few weeks ago the DLP lamp blew. We replaced it within one week for $180, so it was not TOO bad.

Last night we turned the TV on and there’s a beeping sound on startup. There’s a picture, but it flickers and the color is “off” — images almost look like you are watching through night vision goggles. Usually when you turn this unit off it goes to a bright blue screen which fades to black after several seconds. Now there appears to be no blue (picture is mostly green and pink) and when you turn it off it cycles through a bunch of colors (no blue) before going black.

Could this be the color wheel that has busted? Is this something that someone such as myself — no expert, but handy at fixing things — might try replacing?

Thanks in advance for all input! Gus

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  1. avatar admin says:


    Doesn’t sound like a color wheel problem, but it can be. Usually the color starts to whine louder and louder until you cannot tolerate it. Without looking at it, my guess would be the engine 🙁 Jump in there and take a look. Depress the lamp sensor and take a look inside the set without the rear cover on. let us know.

  2. avatar Tom says:

    I have a 20 month old Samsung HLR5668W that makes an intermittent grinding noise that goes away when I turn off/on the set after a few minutes.

    A couple of weeks ago, except for the left vertical 20% of the screen, the rest became very dark. Thinking it was the lamp, I replaced it. But the problem still exists.

    Does it sound like the color wheel is bad? The fan perhaps? Something much worse (crossing my fingers)?
    Please let me know. Thanx in advance.


  3. avatar gene abad says:

    I too have a problem with my two year old 50″DLP(RCA), there is buzzing noise, when it’s on, sounds like a transformer or ballast going bad. I have TV guy inspect the unit and he claims it’s the color wheel, if it is, how much is this part?

  4. avatar Seabirdbill says:

    I have an RCA hdlp50w151 which kinda did the same thing. Picture jumping, fuzzy colors then settle down for a while. Figuring the color wheel was going (no whining or noise though) pulled the back off and took out the wheel assembly for inspection. Carefully cleaned the unit (not touching the wheel with bare hands) and placed one drop of lubricant, I dont remember what kind but was very light, on the motor shaft. reinstalled everything and have not had a problem since. This may not cure your problem but thought I would pass it on. By the way, I do have a backup wheel, just in case…

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