How can I enter the Service Menu of my JVC HD-ILA TV? How many hours are on my lamp timer / counter?

First off, be very careful!!!  You are on your own beyond this point.  There is very little iterature available about the JVC Service Menus, nevertheless, if you just want to check how many hours you have on your TV it should be harmless 🙂

With the TV on:
1) Press the SLEEP TIMER button. It should display something like “SLEEP TIMER 0 MIN”
2) Simultaneously press the DISPLAY & VIDEO STATUS buttons on your’re in!

If you want to check your lamp hours…

1) Press “4” on your remote (I know, you don’t see option 4)
2) Scroll down until you see the D70 registery…write this number down on  a scratch pad (probably a 1 or 2 digital number)
3) Then scroll down to D71, and write this number down (can be any number between 0-255)…i.e., 020 (TWENTY) and 002 (TWO)
4) Now multiple the D70 registery by 256, then add the D71 registery number.

an example from the forum posted by “DSchell”

D070 14
020 14 0001 0100

D071 05
005 05 0000 0101

take the 020 (the D70 registery) and multiple it by 256, then add the D71 register number (005) in this case.
total hours on this lamp is:  5,125.  This is about the standard JVC expects out of these lamps.

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  1. avatar Joubin Rahimi says:

    Do you have the guide on how to do it on a Zenith E44W LCD Projection? Please post link.

  2. avatar Jennifer Burnett says:

    Sony XL 5300 the picture went black and then sound. Then it came back on and a few minutes later went back off. Now only blicking a green light

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