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The lamp adapter is no longer in production due to the new, upgraded Philips lamp burners and lamp designs, rendering the older lamps and lamp adapter unnecessary. The photos have been removed as to not avoid confusion when purchasing products.

After three weeks of intense testing, we can confirm that our lamp adapter is just about ready for sale.  Here are the latest pictures… let us know what you think.

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  1. avatar Robert says:

    How do I order this adaptor and new lamp for my Samsung HLP5674WX/XAA?

    My current bulb is BP96-00224C

  2. avatar Will says:

    I am in.

    My first DLP Samsung bulb replacement so I am still working on why optional polarites on the new bulb I just bought.

    Put me on the customer list. I had no idea there was a former BIGGER BULB!

    Send me an order form with bulb and adapter.

    You come highly recommended!

  3. avatar Tim Lee says:

    How do I order one of these lamps? I’ve heard lot’s of good things about your product and services. A buddy of mine was looking for a philips big lamp and he was told that they were sold out nationwide and they have been discontinued so got one of these lamps with the adapter. He said it was a lot cheaper than the generic big one they offered him from some other sites. Now his TV has been running smoother than original. He didn’t tell me where he bought it though.

  4. avatar admin says:

    Hey Tim,

    Thanks for the kind remarks…we try!

    We’re teamed up with to bring the Lamp Adapter to the public. It’s a patent pending design which will allow the newer 100W / 120W and 120W / 132W lamps to be used in the older generation TVs such as the HLM, HLN, TLP, and some of the HLR sets.

    There are a few benefits to using the new lamp, but these are already outlined on this site.

    To get a replacement lamp w/adapter, visit: and use the “Search it” feature on the top left. Search for your model or lamp code and you should be all set! We are no longer selling the old “Big” lamps for reliability issues!

    I hope I’ve answered your question, Tim.

  5. avatar Jamal W says:

    Ayyy yo.. I need one of these lamps for the De La Hoya vs Mayweather fight… I’m in San Diego, CA as well. Is there a way I can pick one up somewhere locally today? PPPLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAASE

    I’m having a party and the damn TV keeps shutting off after 3 minutes. Either that or I have to go to bestbuy and get another tv. PLEASE HELP!

  6. avatar admin says:


    Give a call at: 619-710-2637 x203. A customer service representative should be able to help you place the order. As far as I know, they do offer a pickup service in their retail outlet.

    Good luck 😉

  7. avatar CHARLES J. WALSH says:

    HAVE AN HLN507W SAMSUNG DLP & am replacing the lamp with a Samsung BP96-00224(P). This is my second replacement lamp which was an LTI which only lasted 6 months. Original lasted about 3 years.

    New lamp installed OK, but after some hours of use, the screen image showed bright white flashes, intermittently, with further detioration of the image as time goes on. Ideas?

    Also, is the PLA adapter available separately for this lamp?

    Thanks for your attention


  8. avatar CHARLES J. WALSH says:

    Sorry, my e-mail address as previously sent was incorrect.

    Correct as follows: WALSHYACHT@AOL.COM


  9. avatar Marco says:

    I purchased the Phillips lamp only to find out that the I need also the adapter.

    Do you sell the adapter separately?

  10. avatar John H says:

    Does this adaptor work on philips lcos
    44pl9523/17 rear projection tv.
    my lamp is square 120W

  11. avatar John H says:

    I have a philips LCOS rear proj. TV Mod# 44PL9523/17.
    The bulb has been replaces several times and I keep getting change lamp message displayed. The bulb is square and 120W. Will this lamp (132 W) and adapter work in my set. I’m ready to get rid of this set and start again. The picture is fine, but the replace lamp message pops up every few minutes. I have reset the lamp timer per the philips manual with no luck…..thanks for your help!!

  12. avatar Marcus says:

    The question above, about the reset timer, did anyone have an answer? Mine is doing the exact same thing. Thanks for any help.

  13. avatar Jim S. says:

    HEEELLLLPPPP!! I have an HLP6163WX/XAA with a lamp code of BP96-00608A. I ordered two bulbs in July because my original (large bulb) was starting to shut off. Now I must replace it. I went to install one of the new bulbs only to discover the “Universal Lamp Adapter” wasn’t included in the shipment. I can’t find any place on the site where I can order just the PLA. PUULLEEZZ help and tell me where I can get one. I’m dead in the water with a 61″ doorstop. >:-(

  14. avatar Rob says:

    I have a Vizio RP56 The original lamp was a Philips E23 1.3. Is there any reason why this PLA adapter will not work on my set? Will my set handle the smaller Philips bulb without stressing the PS and Ballast?

  15. No it will not work because there are no lamps that are E22h and have a 1.3 mm arc gap!

  16. You can get a lamp adapter at They’re the innovators behind the lamp adapter.

  17. If the current lamp is square, you will not need a lamp adapter

  18. Yes, at

  19. avatar Adrian says:

    I just spent over a half hour on the phone with trying to get the correct new style “square” lamp and adapter for my Samsung TV without any luck. They are absolutely clueless about this and the person didn’t even know what the PLA adapter is. I even tried to e-mail him a link to show him, but he said he doesn’t have e-mail… WTF. I would like to upgrade to the new style bulb for my BP96-00224C with 100W ballast, but the customer service at is the worst I have ever seen. Guess I will have to buy a direct replacement from somewhere else.

  20. avatar Ted says:

    Great site you have! I have a Samsung DLP HL-R5667WX/XAA. The lamp code on set is BP96-00826A(P). Does the above info on the set and lamp state which Phillips lamp (large or small) needs to be ordered? Also, can’t I purchase the Phillips lamp (22 or 23)part number from somewhere and would it need to be “adapted” somehow or can I just install it?

  21. Ted, Samsung made no indication on which lamp is inside your TV. You’ll have to pull it out and then call the vendor to tell them, UNLESS you want to buy the whole enclosure. I think the original idea was that they’d try to sell you the whole unit for X amount of dollars and never expected to be seeing bare lamps on the market.

  22. That’s unfortunate Adrian. If you have 100W ballast, the lamp + adapter probably won’t work unless you purchase a 100/120W lamp. You should have asked to speak with the manager. Ali, over at is a pretty great guy. I know they have a separate technical support and sales staff and you were probably speaking to someone new.

  23. avatar art123 says:

    Sorry to hear that, Adrian. It seems a bit strange that you had such a bad experience; I bought a lamp from recently and the customer service was excellent. They walked me through the trouble-shooting on my TV, and then even recommended a technician to me who cost less than $100. The lamp I bought is working very well and my picture is brighter now 🙂

  24. avatar tony L says:

    I have an HLN617W1X, and the lamp is toast. Is there a way to upgrade it to 120 watts safely. I have come across all sorts of contradictory info as to the ballast issue; is it in the lamp? Is it a board? (which sounds right) If so, how do I access the board, determine its rating, replace it, etc?

    • Tony,
      Yes, it’s possible your ballast could be blown as well, but if your lamp is not 120W and you install a 120W lamp your picture may appear dim. The reason being is your ballast ignites the lamp and gives it power and if your lamp has more wattage than your ballast this creates a dim picture. So I would recommend just replacing your lamp with the exact same lamp(same part #), otherwise you may run into some problems. Or you can also replace your ballast but make sure you replace it with the same ballast part number as well.

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