Resetting your LG Lamp Counter…

This mini-guide should enable you to view and reset your TV lamp hour counter.  It’s always a good idea to reset this counter when changing lamps.

Make sure the TV is on and:
1) Press and hold the Menu button on your TV SET
2) Press and hold the Menu button on your REMOTE CONTROL (at the same time)
3) Continue holding BOTH buttons down for 5 seconds or until the Service Menu pops up
4) Release the MENU button from your REMOTE CONTROL, then release the MENU button from the TV Set.
5) Press and hold ENTER (or OK) on the TV Set, then:
6) Press and hold MUTE on the REMOTE CONTROL (while still holding down the ENTER button on the TV SET
7) Holding both buttons down should lead to the Lamp Life Hours screen to pop up.
8) Release the MUTE button the REMOTE CONTROL, then release the ENTER (or OK) button on the TV Set.
9) Come back to this blog and post your HOURS on our site 😉
10) Now press SELECT, then SELECT again to confirm the reset of the counter

** If the procedure above does not work swap steps 5 & 6.

** For a few special models (including 44SZ8D), you might have to change step 5 to:
5a) Press Enter on the TV Set to enter the Position Adjustment Screen
5b) Press and hold Enter on the TV Set (the TV should go back to the main Service Menu, continue holding Enter) and now also hold down the MUTE button on your REMOTE CONTROL.  After about 5 seconds, your Lamp Life Counter should pop up.

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58 comments on “Resetting your LG Lamp Counter…
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  1. avatar george says:

    my original osram bulb had 5959 hours

  2. avatar LARROND says:

    Thanks HAMMERDWN,

    As soon as I get a chance, we will try this proceedure.
    I will let you know how we make out.

    Thanks again.


  3. avatar Danny says:

    Thanks For the help on reseting the LG Lamp hours.I have a DLP PROJ TV Mode#52SZ8D-UA and had add one move .I had to move the cursor down to the Position Adjustment, 5a) Press Enter on the TV Set to enter the Position Adjustment Screen
    5b) Press and hold Enter on the TV Set (the TV should go back to the main Service Menu, continue holding Enter) and now also hold down the MUTE button on your REMOTE CONTROL. After about 5 seconds, your Lamp Life Counter should pop up. I got a shock to see that the lamp only had 5618 hr, not what I was told when I purchase it ( 10000Hr).

  4. avatar aliirani says:

    Danny, has the lamp for $119.99 and that’s for the newer more reliable lamp. Whoever told you 10,000 was really pushing the sale. I don’t know of any UHP DLP Lamp that is rated for 10,000 hours, unless we’re talking about under 100W output. Most are rated for 6000-7000 hours, but obviously your mileage can vary. I think on average a Philips lamp had about 1,000-1,500 hours more than the OSRAM lamps.

    By the way, click here to buy the LG lamp:

  5. avatar STEVE says:

    Thanks. My lamp indicator said 8071 hours.
    The instructions worked perfectly. On my LG 52SZ8D-UA I had an extra step.

    From the service menu I scrolled down to position
    Press enter on the TV
    Press enter again and hold it down
    Press mute on the remote and hold it down
    Wait till the lamp life screen pops up
    Press enter on the TV
    select intilize
    Orange light goes out

  6. avatar Eric says:

    First lamp change on my LG RU-52SZ61D. Lamp indicator said 5795 hours.

  7. avatar Buford Baily says:

    I recently replaced the lamp on my Sharp 56DR650 about one month ago. Now it is displaying on the screen, Warning, please replace the lamp. I don’t have a manual to tell me how to reset the lamp timer..Can you tell me the procedure?

  8. avatar Ian says:

    Is the above resetting procedure for LG MW-60SZ12 tvs as well.
    Please advise.
    Kind regards

  9. avatar kevin says:

    have a lg 44sz8d – the above procedure works perfectly

  10. avatar ROBSON says:

    Mine says 8004hrs. I have the LG DLP PROJ TV Mode#52SZ8D-UA

    Does the orange light come on at a certain time, or does that mean that its about to die any hr.?
    I would hate to have to change it right before christmas.

  11. avatar Frank says:

    Worked and literally took 30 seconds!!!!!!!! Thanks for saving me on the service charge for a tech. to come out.

  12. avatar Frank says:

    My orange light came on about 4 months ago and just went the other day.

  13. avatar Keith says:

    My Hours are at 8453 and the orange light has been on for a couple months. Glad to find this site 🙂 My LG 52sz8d-ua is about 3 to 4 years old. The reset worked perfect and lamp is still working, but I expect it to go anytime.

  14. avatar dave says:

    4976 hours

    the warning light has been on for a year now and the original bulb is still working great. i bought a replacement bulb just in case. i’ve had the tv almost 4 years now.

  15. avatar Nick says:

    12174 hours

    Zenith Z52SZ80 and have had the warning light on for at least a year. Original Phillips bulb, replaced with an Osram for 129.00 plus tax and was actually able to pick up locally. (Indy) Instructions worked perfect with the 5a, 5b option.

  16. avatar ca andrews says:

    LG ru-52sz61d-just changed the bulb for a second time since purchase 8/13/2004.
    original bulb @around 7000hrs second bulb(osram)installed 5/9/2007 (gt chrgd $320 bulb+$124tx misc&service chg!!) it only got 3556hrs
    3/1/2009 installed zenith bulb myself cost $95.. we’ll see

  17. avatar Denny says:

    Mine had 7960 hours. My color drops out periodically to off colors. Only seems to happen when using sat. and not dvd. is that most likely my sat box, my new lamp or something else? Thanks.

  18. avatar Dave says:

    Thanks for the help resetting. My lamp life says 13,920 ????
    and 0 on timer. Osram lamp, just replaced. Whats up with 13,920 ?

  19. avatar Maynard says:

    12689 Hours. Indicator light to change has been on for a long time. Quality of picture was diminishing so I changed the bulb. Good as new now. Instructions to reset the bulb were great. Thanks

  20. avatar Brian says:

    An orange indicator light came on my LG-52SZ8D-UA I googled the model# found your site the lamp light counter said 8001 hrs I reset the counter and the orange light went out. The set still works great but I will order a new lamp to be ready when my old one goes. Thank you for a very helpfull site!

  21. avatar Travis says:

    Thanks for the info, We bought this TV Feb 2005 the Indicator came on Aug 2007. The Bulb blew March 2009 with 7398hrs. I replaced the bulb but could not figure out how to turn lamp off until I found your site.I went to Best Buy where I bought the TV when the indicator came on and they new nothing of how to fix. I called LG and they gave me two vendor phone numbers where I could purchase the bulb. No one knew how to reset lamp until I found this site. I have had people tell me to replace the bulb when the indicator comes on and others who say to wait till it blows, what do you think? Also will the indicator come on again based on a preset hours or does it have a way of truly monitoring the life?

    • Travis,
      It’s really up to you on what you would prefer to do. I would say buy a lamp when the old one actually goes out on you, because sometimes the lamp light may come on and it’s not even the lamp that’s the problem. The lamp hours indicator is usually pretty close to what your lamp will live so it can be a good way to monitor it.

  22. avatar Brad says:

    Just did lamp on my LG 52DC2D…..8167 hours

  23. avatar clabrecque says:

    My lamp hour meter on my LG RU-44SZ51D/61D became orange at 3986 hours
    I used the procedure listed above to reset the lamp, it worked just fine.


  24. avatar frank says:

    Hey Brad,

    I did my lamp also and it had almost 9000 hours. Where did you buy your lamp and what part# did you use ?

  25. avatar Sebb says:

    Wonderful! I got an LG RE 44SZ21RD and I bought a new lamp, 250$. It worked but I didn’t know about the lamp reset. Just spoke to LG and they said that it was impossible to fixed on your own hand and they took 200$ to reset it. Anyway, this worked for me and my lamp worked for 9875 h.

  26. avatar Pete says:

    PERFECT, worked for 8030h!

  27. avatar Joedude says:

    6039 hours. Not bad compared to others, I guess.

  28. avatar helen says:

    I replaced my bulb but I do not have the controller any longer how can I reset it

  29. avatar Murray says:

    I replaced the bulb in my tv and tried the procedure above afterwards. the menu didn’t even come on. was the old bulb still supposed to be working in this procedure?

  30. avatar willis says:

    I baught my T.V 12/01/05 The lamp light came onb a year later. The T.V set just started shutting off on its oun. I called a service shop and was told to come to this sight. I followed the direcrions. AMAZING 17024 hours! I’m going to buy a new bulb!!!!

  31. avatar Eric G says:

    First lamp change after 8250 hours on LG RU52SZ61D. I replaced it with ZENITH DLP LAMP BULB 6912B22007A at 130$ on ebay.

  32. avatar Maria S says:

    9600 after 2 bulbs (didn’t reset it after last replacement)

  33. avatar Dave B2 says:

    LG 52″ Model #ru-52SZ61D

    Serial 408KT00904 (I assume this was mfgd Sept 2004)

    Use time: 6848

    First bulb replacement (factory bulb) Dec 2009

    Just over 5 years.

  34. avatar Mike W. says:

    LG Model RU52SZ51D Manufactured in 2004
    Hand-me-down from my brother-in-law who replaced bulb twice already for $400 and $200 each time.
    I replaced for $110 including shipping and used your procedure for resetting timer (Thank You).
    I mentioned restting the clock to him, which he never did before.
    Clock was at 18707 for 3 bulbs (original + 2 replacements) so I estimate roughly 6240 hours average per bulb.
    Apparently they watch the thing like 12-16 hours a day. My family only a few; so I hope to get more years out of this bulb even if it only lasts around 6240 hours.
    I did read somewhere that if you reduce the contrast, it can increase the bulb life quite a bit.

  35. avatar Natone says:

    3739 was total time and lamp time. But the restting worked and I am happy, replaced my bulb myself….no problem…almost forgot how to put it back….took it apart back in NOV…lol just now gettin it fixed…..but its working like a champ…..THANKS

  36. avatar Travis says:

    My lamp has 8379hrs on it. do you think i need a new one.

  37. avatar AM says:

    LG 44SZ8D lamp failed in first year. TV Tech came, covered by 1-yr Manu. warranty.

    Lamp counter was not reset.

    Now after both orig. and warrantied replacement lamp, @ 8002 hrs Orange lamp light turned on TV.

    Getting ready to buy a new lamp, anyone bought one lately?

    I saw $119. on,

    Any videos on replacing lamp on
    LG 44SZ8D?

  38. avatar Matthew says:

    WOW my color was going out so i checked my bulb hours… 11,470 hours!!! getting another bulb on ebay for around $150

  39. avatar bigfatalleycat says:

    Just changed first bulb today after three years of continuous use. 16,486hrs

  40. avatar Graham Cameron says:

    Well I hate to be the one fly in the ointment but I have tried the above procedure & I can not even get to the service menu, I only get the normal set up menu ? Model No MW-60sz12 Any Help Guys.

    • avatar Toufik says:

      Hi . Please call me in lebanon . 009613313645 whatsap . Tv . Lg lcd projection mw 60sz12 . I have reset time lamp . Please

      • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

        Sorry Toufik. I can’t call you in Lebaon. Have you replaced the lamp with an new OEM projector lamp? The model number you gave me is for monitor so it doesn’t have a projector lamp. You would control the screen brightness from the device it is hooked up to such as the actual projector or the computer. I don’t think I can help you any further. Do you have a projector model number rather than just this monitor?

  41. avatar stefan says:

    8226 on mine

  42. avatar Steve says:

    Phillips light bulb for 13236 hours. Thanks for the help on the reset.

  43. avatar Phil says:

    Just replaced the lamp on my LG RU 52sz51d. Remote doesn’t work…anyway to reset the lamp indicator without it?

    • avatar melissa says:

      i have no remote as well and i just replaced lamp with housing.
      how can i reset it without the remote???

      • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

        Hi Melissa,
        The initial research I’ve done indicates that you need the remote in order to reset. Try visiting to find the remote that fits yours TV. You can also try joining our forum to talk to our experts over there. I’ve also asked our in-house expert for his advice. Stay in touch and let me know how things are going.

  44. avatar Kyle says:

    Bought the TV for 20bucks. Counter said 17,549 hours. New bulb and good to go. Thanks for the help.

  45. avatar Raymond Ballard says:

    5812 – thanks for posting this instruction!

  46. avatar james says:

    Ive replaced my bulb and cant get my tv to turn back on at all i can hear it try but still no light its a model RU-52SZ51D. Can ya give me any suggestion please

  47. avatar john says:

    this works as far as holding down the mute button but comes up asking for a code. have checked other setting like the parental code which works but will not work to reset lamp hours any one have any clues yes tried the obvious like 0000 1111 and so on and 1234 says wrong code

  48. avatar Steven Woods says:

    Thanks for the instructions! 12292 hours on this past bulb (RIP).

  49. avatar Gary says:

    Zenith D52WLCD
    I have tried every version of every lamp reset I can find online.
    I can’t get the “service menu” to appear.
    If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you

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