JVC HD-61Z886 61-inch HD-ILA HDTV:

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The JVC HD-61Z886 is a high definition television which uses the JVC’s D-ILA technology and has a 61 inch widescreen when measured diagonally. The cabinet has been elegantly designed using a two color tone structure. The border around the widescreen is dark gray and a silver strip at the bottom of the screen is used to house the speakers. This positioning of the speakers at the bottom instead of the sides of the cabinet enables the manufacturers to decrease the width of the set by quite a few inches.

The designing of the set is albeit simple and clean. The control buttons and a few other inputs are located at the side of the cabinet which keeps them out of view but still easily accessible. The dimensions of the JVC HD-61Z886 is 57 ½ inches in width, 41 inches in height and 18 ½ inches in depth. The set tips the scales at 103 pounds which is quite reasonable considering the screen size. 

The use of D-ILA technology helps the set deliver crisp images with high level of detail. The native resolution of the JVC HD-61Z886 is 1280 X 720 which is also called as 720p. This resolution will convert all incoming to 720p which is the maximum possible resolution. The fully illuminated remote is sure to have plenty of users breathing easy especially while watching in the dark. A five point color management system provides excellent lifelike colors.

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