Sony Qualia 006 (KDS-70CQ006) 70-inch SXRD HDTV

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The Sony KDS-70CQ006 is a high definition TV having a 70 inch widescreen (measured diagonally) and is from Sony’s Qualia series. It uses the LCOS technology which is also referred to by Sony as SXRD. Sony has packed in plenty of features into the set which helps the set deliver excellent performance which may even be referred to as the best for a high definition television. It is safe to say, for now, that the Sony KDS-70CQ006 sets the bar when it comes to high definition performance.

The 70 inch screen size is one of the biggest sets available today. The set offers a full display resolution of 1080p which is also the highest available today. The black levels produced by the set are extremely deep which helps in producing deeper and sharper blacks. The colors produced by the Sony KDS-70CQ006 are vivid and realistic. The picture sharpness and clarity are amazing and surely set the bar for other high definition televisions.

A subwoofer has been included with the audio system which includes detachable speakers attached to the sides of the cabinet. The cabinet has been elegantly designed and has the widescreen with black borders being fitted into the predominantly silver cabinet. The Sony KDS-70CQ006 packs in plenty of features including the CableCard slot which makes it easier to connect and watch cable TV without the need to buy additional set top boxes.

It is easy to say that if you have the money to spend for the best the market has to offer the Sony KDS-70CQ006 is the way to go.

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