JVC LT-32X776 32 inch LCD HDTV:

The JVC LT-32X776 is a high definition television and uses the LCD technology. The set has a 32 inch screen size an offers plenty of features. The high temperature color control offered the more accurate colors through component video as well as HDMI inputs. Out of the box the set offers highly accurate colors which can be measured to near about the 6500K mark. Even after the calibration the accuracy is not changed to a great extent which makes it unnecessary.

The JVC LT-32X776 is very bright which is not surprising for an LCD. This makes it ideal for viewing in the daytime or in a bright room. The set offers very wide viewing angles as is the case with most LCD’s. What makes this set better than other LCD’s is that the image becomes less saturated when you move away from the axis yet remains rich enough to be enjoyable. The set does have a few light uniformity issues with the upper right and lower left corners being brighter than the rest of the image. Although this should not make you lose your sleep as the effect is hardly visible under most conditions.

The native resolution of the set is 1366 by 768 and is equipped with ATSC and NTSC tuners. The use of the ATSC tuner makes the HD content look rich with vibrant colors and high amount of detail. The speakers are situated inside the cabinet at the bottom of the screen. Overall the JVC LT-32X776 is excellent especially if you can make the most out of the features.

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