Samsung HLM617W 61 inch Rear-Projection HD Monitor

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The Samsung HLM617W is a rear projection monitor which uses the DLP technology and has a 61 inch screen size when measured diagonally. The native resolution of the set is 1280 by 720 which makes it capable of displaying all the input all the input sources at 720p. Any other inputs which are having different display resolutions are scaled to fit the available pixel area.

The brightness levels of the set go as high as anybody would want them to go and really cannot be faulted. The use of the HD2 chipset did increase the black levels quite significantly although in general the DLP technology does seem to struggle while producing deep shades of black. The high brightness and substantial black levels played a major part in the high contrast ratios offered by the set. The black levels retention offered by the set too is very good. The colors of the Samsung HLM617W are very accurate and the errors if any are not noticeable to the human eye.

The features offered by the set include the provision of a PC input which enables the user to connect the PC to the television. Now don’t tell me it’s not fun to play or work on such a huge screen! One of the major advantages of doing this is the fact that the DLP technology does not suffer from image burn in or other hazards associated with most other technologies.

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  1. avatar Merlin1716 says:

    Just received my replacement Philips lamps and DM adapter.
    MANY questions!!
    The new lamp is VENTED! Great idea – but HOW to orient the vents??
    After much thought, I decided to mount the lamp with the vents horizontal. Several reasons: First – – it seems the fan blows side to side. In this orientation, the fan will be most effective to remove heat from the lamp.
    Second: When the lamp fails, it seems to self destruct – forming great gobs of glass dust – and probably micro-pellets of mercury. Last thing I want is for that stuff to drip into the bottom of my TV set – – which is what will happen if the vents are vertically oriented.
    Finally – – if the vents are vertical, then the heat from the lamp will vent out the top, against the plastic shell. Molten plastic doesn’t smell nice, so I’ll try to avoid that.
    Next Topic: The enclosure currently in my set was made by LTI (I replaced the Philips bulb after 3500 hours – it hadn’t failed yet – but I figured there’s happiness in preventive maintenance). My experience with LTI – – NOT FREAKIN GOOD!!! First bulb failed after 55 hours. They replaced it. Second bulb exploded after 2141 hours (about a year). They won’t fool me again. It’s Philips or eternal darkness.
    I used my new DM Philips bulb to replace the bulb in the LTI housing. It fits OK – in fact, maybe better than in the Philips housing?? !!! The LTI housing centers the bulb using small metal wedges – – seems to work fine – – HOWEVER – – please be aware!! The LTI housing is assembled with TORX screws!! You will need a TORX 10 to remove and reassemble the lamp housing. In addition, the Philips and the LTI lamps use different sized screws on the reflector connection!! DM does NOT include an electrode screw on their replacement lamp – – so you’ll have to figure something out. I used a #6-32 x 3/8″ machine screw, lock washer, and nut to secure the wire. All seems to work fine. In addition, the original Philips lamp had a heat reflector between the lamp and the center electrode (the LTI does not).
    I wore powder and latex-free polybutadiene-acrylonitrile exam gloves to reassemble the lamp in the carrier to prevent finger oils from being left on the reflector/glass housing. I think these are available at most pharmacy “box stores” – like Walgreens, etc.
    Finally – – when my original BP96-00224E Philips lamp finally does blow, it appears that the mounting fixture MAY block the new style lamp vents!!! (DM – – if you monitor this topic, PHOTOS of exactly how to mount your replacement lamp in the HLN617 carrier would be appreciated). I would like a step-by-step walk-through on how to replace the lamp in the original HLN style carrier. If I need to use my Dremmel Mototool to open up vents in the OEM lamp housing, DO let me know!!
    Finally – – and I certainly HOPE this won’t be a problem: I purchased TWO replacement lamps – just to have an extra on-hand. Of course, I didn’t consider until later that the warranty is based on purchase date. Not sure how to handle the unexpected eventuality of the second lamp failing shortly after it’s installation – say 3 years from now.
    Providing that I get reasonable life out of the DM product (no reason to suspect otherwise, as the lamp IS made by Philips), I have nothing but Kudos for the DM product. It works well (at least for the past 2 days), and providing you have the needed tools (typically just a philips screwdriver), and a bit more intelligence than your typical newt, you should be able to save about $100 over the cost of the OEM replacement. Also – – assuming that the vented lamp DOES turn out to be more durable than the OEM for the HLN sets, then we may even get a longevity bonus as well.
    Merlin 🙂

  2. avatar Daniel says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Samsung HLM617W 61 inch Rear-Projection HD Monitor, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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