Zenith D60WLCD HD-ready rear-projection LCD television

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The Zenith D60WLCD is one of the larger rear projection television sets, which use the LCD technology with a screen size of 60 inches when measured diagonally. The cabinet has been exquisitely designed and almost looks like a plasma when seen from the front side. It is predominantly silver and gray with black stripes on both sides of the screen. On the back side though it’s quite a different story. Normally a plasma is 4-5 inches in depth while this set is around 17 1/2 inches which is quite reasonable for an LCD.

The full display resolution of the set is 1280 by 720 which means that all the input signals will be displayed at 720p. the Zenith D60WLCD does take a minute or two to get warmed up and may cause a little bit of distress to the users who are not used to this. But once fully warm the set gives some of the sharpest pictures with rich and vibrant colors. It is also very high brightness and should not cause any problems if used in rooms having a lot of light. The resolution was fantastic and the color was not oversaturated which is the problem in most LCD’s although the black levels were slightly off the mark.

The set is fully equipped including a standard remote which thankfully is backlit. Overall the Zenith have packed in enough features to make the set deliver a satisfactory performance.

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