LG Electronics 42PC1DA 42 inch Plasma Television

The LG 42PC1DA is a moderate size television with a screen size of 42 inches when measured diagonally and uses the plasma technology. The price of the set makes it pretty clear that LG have designed the set with the higher class in mind. Although the price of the set may make you take out most of your savings, the performance is one of the best ever seen. If you are interested in a moderately sized plasma television, the least I can say is that atleast take a look at this one.

The designing of the set ensures that it will get plenty of stares even when it is off. When it is on, it’s as if the set is working on a totally different level. The display is stunning and the set beats almost all the sets from any category. The brightness and contrast ratios of this set to say the very least are exceptional. So far, this review has been restricted to the quality of the LG 42PC1DA right out of the box and after just a little bit of tweaking, the quality improves even further. The set offered high level of details with rich and accurate colors for high definition, standard definition as well as DVD content.

The price may have many buyers rolling their eyes but one thing is for certain that you will be paying for the quality that you get.

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