OSRAM P-VIP 100-120/1.0 e22h replacement UHP Lamp OSRAM P-VIP 120-132/1.0 e22h

Do you have an RCA (or other brand) DLP that has this lamp inside?  If yes, there are a couple of things I immediately know about your TV set:

1) Your DLP set is probably less than two years old…and the lamp has failed prematurely.
2) You’re extremely upset about this…afterall, you purchased this DLP Set because you thought it would be trouble-free for 3-4 years.
3) You had no idea you were getting an inferior product.  Most quality TV Manufacturer’s use Philips brand or Panasonic brand lamps.  Your manufacture went with the lower prices OSRAM lamp, so you got stuck with an inferior product.
4) You wish you lamp lasted longer…or at least wished there was something you could do to make it last longer!

First of all, you’re not stuck with the OSRAM lamp.  As long as you lamp is a:

  • OSRAM P-VIP 100-120/1.0 e22h
  • OSRAM P-VIP 120-132/1.0 e22h

there is something you can do!  Get the better and more reliable alternative made by Philips!

Click here to purchase this lamp!


2 comments on “OSRAM P-VIP 100-120/1.0 e22h replacement UHP Lamp OSRAM P-VIP 120-132/1.0 e22h
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  1. avatar greg says:

    Yes I purchased a RCA hd50lpw175 just over a year ago and the bulb went out as of this weekend.

    Although after reading more it seems that the bulb had been showing signs of failure since the purchase of the TV.

    I just ordered a new bulb today monday morning from your site and will be interested to see how things go from there.

    Yes a little frustrating that it went out already only because the saleperson involved with the sale described them as long lasting. I am super pleased with the price of your replacement bulb and will be even happier when the bulb fixes my TV.

  2. avatar Tim McGinnis says:

    Unfortunately the extended warranty companies will send you this piece of junk bulb after the OEM lamp burns out. My OEM lamp lasted 3 years on my Samsung 50″. I got a replacement lamp from the extended warranty company and it blew up (literally!) after 9 months. They will try and send me another OSRAM or cheap bulb, but I am buying a Philips lamp.

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