Samsung HL-S5087W 50 inch DLP TV

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The Samsung HL-S5087W is high definition television, which uses the DLP technology has a screen size of 50 inches when measured diagonally. The price of the set makes it a luxury purchase for most of the buyers. However, its performance may well convince you spend that little bit more. The cabinet is very sleek and eye-catching. It has a very thin bezel, is fully black with a glossy finish except for the silver strip at the bottom of the screen (above the power button) which is used to hide the controls.

The full display resolution offered by the set is 1920 by 1080, which is the highest available today. The colors offered by the set were excellent, rich and yet very natural. The detail levels given by the set were exceptional with all the details clearly visible even in the background. Even the detail levels in the darker scenes were more than impressive and left us more than impressed. Even standard definition telecasts made quite an impact on the set. The Samsung HL-S5087W did not score an average in any of the tests but was more than good in all of them.

The audio quality is good although it fails to match the excellent video quality. However, the provision of the audio out connection can be used to good effect with just a little bit of knowledge. Overall, the Samsung HL-S5087W is the set to go for if you can swallow the price.

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