Hitachi P42H401 Ultravision 42 inch Plasma HDTV

The Hitachi P42H401 is a high definition plasma television that uses the plasma technology and has a screen size of 42 inches when measured diagonally. This moderate screen size is one of the most preferred sizes among the people. The LCD’s already have the upper hand over the plasmas considering that the latter had a hard time fitting 1920 by 1080 pixels into a 42-inch screen size. As the first 1080p plasma came, a few months back, the market was already flooded with LCD’s having 1080p capability. These LCD’s are even cheaper than the plasmas and there is no guessing where the people are turning their heads.

The native display resolution of the Hitachi P42H401 is 1024 by 1080. Even though the horizontal resolution is much less than 1920, the vertical resolution ensures that the set will be referred to as a 1080p display. The resolution however is not progressive. The Hitachi P42H401 is priced around $1700 and it would be safe to say that this is Hitachi’s way of competing with the LCD’s. Not that the image is perfect right out of the box but calibration failed to make much of a difference to the image quality.

The set struggles a bit with the standard definition content. The darker images look a bit reddish. The green color point lacks the accuracy although this is something that I have noticed with most plasmas. is among the nation’s largest plasma and LCD TVs replacement parts providers. If you need replacement PCBs, remotes, outer cases, stands, or anything else related to Plasma and LCD TV’s, visit

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