JVC HD 52G787 52″ HD-ILA Rear Projection TV:

The JVC HD 52G787 is a high definition television that uses JVC’s D-ILA technology and has a screen size of 52 inches when measured diagonally. The use of the D-ILA technology helps the set produce bright and sharp images. D-ILA stands for Direct drive Image Light Amplifier. It uses a three-chip system to produce images with high contrast. The D-ILA is quite a new technology and can be said to be JVC’s version of the LCoS technology. The cabinet of the JVC HD 52G787 although very simple is very stylish and looks very elegant. It is entirely black in color except for the JVC logo, which is silver.

The JVC HD 52G787 is equipped with both the ATSC as well as NTSC tuners. The ATSC tuner is used for catching the high definition signals while the NTSC tuner is used for the standard definition broadcasts. This totally eliminates the need for the user to go in for additional set top boxes. The native display resolution provided by the set is 720p, which means that it has a vertical resolution of 720 pixels and horizontal resolution of 1280 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The dimensions of the JVC HD 52G787 are 48.5 inches in width, 35.9 inches in height and 16.4 inches in depth.

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