Reset Your Zenith or LG DLP TV Lamp Counter

If you replace the DLP lamp out of your Zenith or LG, you will need to reset the counter…otherwise you may get an annoying reminder every few days if you’re surpassed the predetermined hour mark.

To Reset:

Ensure the TV is powered on.

1) Press and HOLD the MENU button on the TV
2) Press and HOLD the MENU button on your REMOTE
(hold both these until the service menu pops up 5-10 secs max.)
3) Let go of the REMOTE button first, then release the button on the TV
4) Press and HOLD the ENTER (or OK) button on the TV
5) Press and HOLD the MUTE button on the REMOTE
(hold both until the LAMP LIFE HOURS appears on the screen)
6)  Let go of the REMOTE button first, then release the button on the TV
We suggest writing your lamp hours on a peice of masking tape and taping it to the back the TV for future reference.
7) To reset the lamp counter, press SELECT (or the button in the middle of the direction arrove buttons).  Hit SELECT a second time to confirm clearing the lamp counter

For certain models, you might have to tweak these steps slightly… offer your inputs!

44 comments on “Reset Your Zenith or LG DLP TV Lamp Counter
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  1. avatar gary says:

    didn’t work on mine. have to reset in another manner any suggestions Zenith (nfg LG) M52W56LCD

  2. avatar Paula says:

    Thanks for the the help. Worked great! Followed your steps and worked just fine!!

  3. avatar dmiller says:

    Zenith Z52SZ80
    On step 5, release the enter button on the TV while holding down Mute on the remote, press Enter on TV again and the Lamp hour reset will come up.
    Piece of Cake!

  4. avatar Mary says:

    Thanks for the help. Did as you suggested and was able to reset the counter.

  5. avatar andi says:

    Worked perfectly! Thank you so much !

  6. avatar Rob says:

    Worked perfectly on 52 inch LG. You must always release the remote button first, or you lose the service menu and have to start over again. Thanks for posting this. I got 4372 hours out of the factory installed bulb. Not bad at all. Bought the replacement bulb on eBay for about $100 USD. They wanted $305 CDN in London, Ontario for replacement bulb / carrier assembly.

  7. avatar ralph ramos says:


  8. avatar JP Spampinato says:

    This worked for my Zenith E44W46LCD LCD HDTV by doing step 5 before 4 and not worrying about the System Menu disappearing. The Lamp Reset comes up fine after 5 seconds.

    9904 hours from the factory lamp, WHOOP!

    I have not replaced the lamp itself because the picture is still bright and fine. I might not be considered a standard user of a home LCD set, though. I only cycle my TV about once a week because I still believe that the more thermal expansions any electronic components are put through the more they wear out. You could call me old fashioned but in my particular case it’s because there’s always someone awake in our household. It’s a freaking commune here sooo… anywhoo… your mileage will probably vary; my TV is always on.

    Either way I wanted to thank you for documenting this because this worked perfectly.

    JP (remove one ‘d’ from my address to reach me)

  9. avatar Ronnie says:

    thanks for the help it worked out great we got 10034 hours out of the original bulb not too bad. picture still looks a little yellow any help.

  10. avatar Mike says:

    Zenith has a lawsuit that is currently being settled that will cover your optical engine, which is going out, that’s why you see yellow as I do. They have to fix it free or give you a NEW plasma of the same size. it applies to all US owners. Go to there web site and read it. it’s not finalized yet. I understand the optical engines are no longer made, so they will have to give you a new tv of the same size.

  11. avatar Kristy says:

    Thanx…This worked for my LG 52SZ8R-TB reset the hours but the red lamp light is still lit on the front of the TV. We got 11634 hours out of our bulb.

  12. avatar Kristy says:

    Oh but I forgot to mention that I had to swap steps 4 & 5 making sure to release the remote buttons first.

  13. avatar SIngh says:

    Great . worked PERFECT. Thanks for the information.

  14. avatar John says:

    Worked fine, but for No. 7, after the service menu has come up, release the ‘Mute’ on the remote and then the ‘Enter’ button on the TV. Then, with no buttons pressed, quickly press the ‘Enter’ button on the TV twice; that will reset the hours and make the yellow/orange light go out. I managed to get 11224 hours out of the factory lamp – I appear to have come in 2nd, but only by 412 hours.

  15. avatar Chuck in Mayberry says:

    Many thanks for this information ! I ordered a lamp from an independent supplier online and it worked great – easy fit. When the orange light wouldn’t go out, I called LG customer support. I was told (eventually) that I was just darn lucky I didn’t electrocute myself and I should have called an “authorized” LG service here in the Triangle (nc). I had done that before calling the independent and the local folks wanted 3 to 4 times the money.

    Long story short is…LG support told me I would have to arrange and pay for an “authorized” service rep to come out here and use a “special” service remote to reset the lamp counter.

    Wish more folks knew about “the golden rule”, as you seem to. Thanks again! (cd)

  16. avatar bob says:

    Carried the instructions for the bulb replacement set worked straight away but i am not sure if i have reset the timer correctly.
    Does it have to be reset and does it affect the brightness of the picture when its done. The lights are all working as per the user manual.

  17. avatar vstewart5 says:

    Worked great for my Zenith Z56DC1D 52″ DLP…Thanks for the info!!!

    • avatar dstyner says:

      HI – I have replaced my Lamp and went completed the “reset lamp counter” procedure and the counter is back to “zero”. (I had over 8,300 hrs on the lamp). MY PROBLEM IS – I cannot get rid of the message to “replace Lamp” that appears each time I turn on the TV. Since you were successful at resetting the lamp counter and I also have the same model (Zenith Z56DC1D) do you have any suggestions? Thanks – I hope I hear back from you soon.

    • avatar dstyner says:

      HI – I have replaced my Lamp and completed the “reset lamp counter” procedure and the counter is back to “zero”. (I had over 8,300 hrs on the lamp). MY PROBLEM IS – I cannot get rid of the message to “replace Lamp” that appears each time I turn on the TV. Since you were successful at resetting the lamp counter and I also have the same model (Zenith Z56DC1D) do you have any suggestions? Thanks – I hope I hear back from you soon.

  18. avatar Brandon says:

    Worked great on zenith E44W46LCD reversing steps 4 and 5. Thanks for info everyone! 10032 hours on original bulb, wow.

  19. avatar Barbara says:


  20. avatar Arodfive5 says:

    what is the best website to purchase a replacement bulb for my z56dc1d 56″ Zenith DLP tv ( z56dc1d model), and what brand replacement bulb is the most reliable and long lasting bulb? Thanks in advance for you time and advice.

  21. avatar Joe Blogg says:

    None of these suggestions worked for my TV. Any order, no matter how I try, I cannot get the reset lamp life menu to come up. Im going so insane trying to get this working that im starting to think that killing myself would be easier. .that stupid red light is driving me up the wall. .

  22. avatar Mike says:

    I have a Zenith E44W46LCD and called the 800 number found on Zenithservice. I had already swapped the lamp on my own; the Customer Service Rep (with bad English) told me that a code was required and only a certified technician could reset the counter. After a little interweb work, I followed the instructions listed above and the orange light has been reset. Took a grand total of 30 seconds. Hopefully, this new lamp will exceed 12,000 hours.

    All in all; by doing the replacement and the lamp reset myself, I saved over $150.00.

  23. avatar Mike says:

    PS. The factory lamp gave me 11356 hours before it burned out.

  24. avatar Chris says:

    I have a LG 52SZ8R-TB and no matter how many times I try, the Service Menu does NOT appear.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the lamp coz I only replaced it about a year ago and the picture is ok. But I couldn’t reset the clock back then either so maybe it thinks the lamp is too old and it just shuts down after less than 5 minutes. The red lamp light is on all the time and when it shuts down the lamp light flashes 4 times.
    Any suggestions?

  25. avatar Shakib says:

    can someone help me out i have a LG 52SZ8R with a brand new orsam bulb i can get in the service menu but no matter how long or how much i change the steps i cant get into the lamp reset menu?

    please help

  26. avatar Kurt says:

    took 20 seconds to reset my Z56DC1D lamp timer
    easy to do if you follow the instructions.
    Thanks for the website!
    13012 hours on factory lamp!

  27. avatar Michael says:

    Love my tv, replaced bulb at 13889, but have yellow at top and purple at bottom

  28. avatar jose says:

    Zenith Z52SZ80 no prende y parpadea la bombilla verde de encendido.

  29. avatar susan P says:

    do these directions work without the original remote? all I have is a DirectTV remote

  30. avatar Troy says:

    Thanks for the help worked great. My boss gave me his LG 52SZ8D two years ago,at the time the orange light was on.He said I would have to replace the bulb.It just blew the other day.I took to a shop that specializes in TV lamps.they wanted $114 for new bulb or $134 for Philips bulb which was the factory bulb.I figured I might as well get the original bulb.Replaced yesturday and reset lamp counter
    at 14,194. Thanks again.

  31. avatar Matt says:

    If I don’t have a remote control for 60 inch Zenith how do I reset the bulb

  32. avatar John says:

    Just replaced the AS LX50 bulb and tv still won’t turn on. All I get is a flashing green light. Any suggestions?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi John,
      Have you reset the lamp timer? It’s the function that keeps track of the lamp hours and even when you change the lamp, it doesn’t automatically reset itself. You have to go into the menu area and reset the timer back to zero. The blinking green light might be the machine thinking it still has as finished lamp inside. If if it thinks the lamp is finished then it won’t turn on. Trying doing the reset and see if that does the trick.

      • avatar stephanie says:

        How do u get to the menu if the tv wont come on? It just blinks green lite and then eventually goes off.

        • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

          Hi Stephanie,
          What is your model number? Usually the green light means the projector lamp is not working. If you haven’t replaced it properly, then the TV won’t come on. Is there a reset button on the remote control? That is another way of resetting the lamp timer. You can also consider signing up at our forum.

  33. avatar linda says:

    Zenith green light flashing replaced the bulb. Tv won’t come on.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Linda,
      Couple of things to check: Are the connections between lamp and TV secure. Is the lamp cover installed back on securely?
      These can both cause the TV not to turn on. Also, when you replace the lamp you need to reset the lamp counter back to zero or the TV will think it
      still operating with a bad lamp and will keep shutting off. Try those suggestions and if they don’t work, may I suggest you join our forum at There is a community of experts who can help you pinpoint the exact source of the problem.
      Please let me know how things work out.

  34. avatar Moniqua says:

    I have replaced my bulb but I can’t reset it because I don’t have the remote is there any chance on how to reset the time counter without the remote

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