Samsung HLS4676S

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Samsung’s HLS4676S is 46” DLP projection television. This high Definition television has aspect ratio of 16:9, resolution 1280 x 720p, and contrast ratio of 2500:1. It has an amazing and clear resolution of 720p with slim design so it fits anywhere. It uses DLP chip and color wheel for a razor sharp picture and an ultra thin bezel which provides you large screen with les frame. Here a new technology called DNIe technology promises a truest color and high contrast. SRS Tru-SurroundXT sound brings the audio to life.

Key features:

• Display format 720p(HDTV)
• Diagonal screen size: 46in
• In-built tuner
• Easily compatible
• Video broadcast standards: ATSC(Digital) and NTSC(analog)
• Broadcast format standards: 1080i(HDTV),480I(SDTV),480P(EDTV),720p(HDTV)
• Broadcast format displayed :720p(HDTV)
• Inputs: analog coaxial (RF), Audio line in,(1/8” mini), component video, front/side RCA composite, USB, Video-15 pin High density D-shell(VGA)
• Combo filter: 3D digital.
• 3/2 Pulldown
• channel Label
• closed captioning
• Multilanguage menu

HLS4676S television supports MTS Stereo, SRS Tru-Surround XT audio formats. It has universal remote control. Samsungs HLS61686W has a digital natural image engine that makes the image sharpest and clearest as possible despite of any kind of input signal it is receiving. Weight is 46.3 lbs, depth is about 10.6 in, 41.3 in, and width is about 29.2 in. It has number of speakers in built, which gives a great sound effect like live concerts. It gives you all the facilities you are looking but with much advance manner. It has limited warranty of 1 year.

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12 comments on “Samsung HLS4676S
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  1. avatar william kelly says:

    I have a 46 samsung dlp hdtv model number HLS4676S. Don’t know whats wrong with it. Right now it has about 50 whites all over the screen. It started out only a couple white dots and spread to 50 right now. if anybody knows what the problum is my email is thanks

    • avatar robert kaiser says:

      goto facebook group samsung white dot for executive phone number to get fixed for free – no other samsung reps will fix it except the executive phone number

  2. avatar mcarlton says:

    Be cautious of this tv. Yes, all the specs sound great, but like I said be cautious before purchasing. I bought one in Jan. ’07, had to replace the bulb in August ’08 and I’m getting ready to put in yet another bulb here in Jan. of ’09. So, that is 3 DLP bulbs in 2 years.

  3. avatar Gene says:

    Samsung is junk buy another brand. I have a S4676S Junk… yourself a lot of headaches…Did I say Junk

  4. avatar Tony says:

    Did you replace the bulb yourself? How hard was it? Did you have to order the bulb or did a local store carry it?

  5. avatar Debbie Jones says:

    I am having the same problem, save TV – looks like the big dipper. Apparently from what I’ve been reading it’s the “mirror assembly”. Haven’t called service yet, still investigating.

    • Debbie,
      It is most likely your DMD chip causing your big dipper issue. Your DMD chip houses millions of micro mirrors which, tilt back and fourth very quickly and reflect the light on to your TV screen. If it is broken it will cause spots to be missing the color in certain areas.

  6. avatar Eisenhower Antoine says:

    Will the “DMD CHIP” replacement clear the big dipper issue?

  7. avatar Peggy says:

    Have had my 46″ DLP since December of 2006 and have had the lamp replaced 3 times. Also, if I turn the tv off, it won’t go on again unless it’s been longer then 30 minutes or so. Christmas Eve it shut off again with all three lights blinking. I am so tired of this. Repairman came today and is taking tv into shop to give it a good looking over. He can’t believe all the problems in just three years. I won’t buy one of these again…..

  8. avatar Chris says:

    I have had this TV since 06. It’s been fantastic, never one single issue. The lamp finally went with approximately 5000-6000 hours on it give or take. Looking for a new lamp now:) Would but it again for sure.

  9. avatar Jessica says:

    I have this same model and we bought it used from a pawn shop for $50. It had the same problem with the white dots so we knew it was a gamble. The problem it something that is a manufacture mistake and Samsung sent a repairmen out and fixed the problem for us for free. All we were out was a $20 dollar tip to the repair men (that was optional). It works great now. We had no warranty they covered it as a recall problem. Just call Samsung support, I hope this didn’t come too late for some of you.

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