Sharp RRMCGA535WJSA Flat Panel LCD Remote Control

The Sharp RRMCGA535WJSA remote control is also know as the GA535WJSA for short. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for a replacement remote control for Sharp TVs. We recommend the GA535WJSA because of a number of “extra” features it’s capable of, that I don’t know if it’s 100% “OK” to discuss on this blog. I guess if there is enough interest, we will share this information with our readers.

Regardless, we recommend the Sharp RRMCGA535WJSA since it is the orginal remote control shipping with all the 2007 and 2008 Sharp TVs AND, it is also backwards compatible with previous models and generations of TVs, VCRs, DVDs, etc…it’s a full featured universal remote.

You can buy this remote control directly from SharpUSA by ( for $58 or, as we recommend, from for only $29.99.  To buy click Here.

It’s compatible with nearly all Sharp TVs…but here is a basic compatibility list:

LC-26D40U, LC26D40U, LC26D43U, LC-26GA5U, LC26D7U, LC26SH3U, LC26SH10U, LC26SH12U

LC32D42U, LC32D43U, LC32D62U, LC32D64U, LC32GP1U, LC-32G4U, LC32GA5U

LC37D42U, LC-37D43U, LC-C3742U, LC-37GP1U, LCC3742U, LCC3762U, LC37D90U

LC42D62U, LC42D64U, LCC4262U, LC-42SE94U, LC-42D64U, LC42D82U, LC42D84U, LC-42D92U, LC42SE94U


LC46D43U, LC46D62U, LC46D64U, LC46D82U, LC42D64U, LCC4642U, LCC4662U, LC46SE94U

LC52D92U, LC52D94U, LC52D62U, LC52D64U, LC-C5262U, LCC5242U, LC52SE94U


LC65D64U, LC-65D90U, LC65D93U, 65DR650

Let us know if you’re interested in the extra functionality this remote is capable of…

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  1. avatar AJ Brandon says:

    Interested in the programing features of the GA535WJSA remote.

    e-mail references or guides to


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