Samsung hls4676s PROBLEMS

I’ve had my tv for almost two years. About a year ago my son kept turning the tv on and off and after a while the tv shutdown and three lights started blinking. In the manual it’s code for bad lamp. I unplugged the tv and turned it back on and everything was fine or so I thought. For the past year if I turn off the tv I have to wait 5 to 10mintuesto turn it back on ¬†or I get the blinking lights in which I have to unplug and let sit. Now the other day I turned it on, after sitting for a couple days and it trys three times to start and then the three lights, unplugged the tv but this time it didn’t work. I purchased a new bulb put it in and still it trys to come on then the three blinking lights.

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  1. avatar willie says:

    I have the same issue – were you able to resolve the problem?

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