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  1. avatar Luis says:

    I got the replacement lamp for my hitachi ultravision and after install it my screen got a blue spot, and day after day is getting bigger and more visible.
    My question, is it possible the lamp is defective or not appropiate, or how can I get it fix.

    my only concern is when i replace lamps I noticed the new lamp looked like blue tinted, and the broken lamp was mor la silver and transparent (but i don’t know if ir look transparent because it was burnt and older)

  2. The lamp doesn’t sound defective. A blue spot is probably a light engine problem. The light has nothing to do with the color of your picture, especially for LCD projections.

  3. avatar Luis says:

    But why exactly showed the blue spot when I replaced the lamp, what is the relation??

    Is it too hard to try to get the light engine fix?

  4. avatar Steve says:

    Hey Luis, what kind of lamp was in your Hitachi Ultravision…and what did you replace it with? You’ve got to remember there are parabolic lamps and elliptical lamps.

    Is this a Hitachi TV or a specialty product?

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