Mitsubishi 915P043010 TV LAMP – indepth inside look

This is an in depth look at the Mitsubishi Mitsubishi 915P043010 replacement lamp module. It’s worth noting, the lamp unit is compatible with the 52″ and 62″ Series DLP television sets (WD-52530, WD-52531, WD-62530, and the WD-62531).

Here are some cool 3D images for the housing and lamp combination:

You can see the cage and lamp, but no connector here!


Awesome pic!

The original bare lamp inside this enclosure was manufactured by Matsushita and has the following stamped on the lamp:

HS130AR10-1R UHP 132W-75V does not recommend Matsushita (Panasonic) replacement lamps, EVEN THOUGH this would be the original replacement lamp. We recommend the Philips replacement lamp in this case as there have been many, many, many issues with this lamp. carries the recommend replacement part to ensure optimal brightness and better than OEM reliability. There are countless forums and usergroups online with class action attempts against Matsushita for their defective or short life lamps.

Here’s some boring, plain old images of the enclosure:

Mitsubishi 915P043010 Enclosure only

Mitsubishi 915P043A10 Overview of Lamp Housing

The suggested replacement lamp is distributed by

Here are some pictures of this lamp.

Philips replacement lamp for the Mitsubishi 915P043010
Mitsubishi replacement lamp by Philips

We have the replacement step-by-step instructions as well as video for this in our GUIDES section of the site.

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