Contribution and Contributor Guidelines

We value your contributions! is the leading resource for consumers with DLP, LCD, and Plasma televisions. We have a few guidelines to follow if you want to help contribute:

  1. Stay on topic
  2. Use correct grammar (We know it’s hard, and we’re always guilty of poor grammar too, but we’re trying to clean this site up!)
  3. Add your post to the correct catagory (Sometimes we see Panasonic ballast questions under Philips Lamps and that just creates more work for us)
  4. Add tags. Tags are quick keywords, or ideas in your post you want to get across. For example if you have an article about Samsung DLP lamps, the tags would contain “samsung, lamps, dlp.” It’s very simple.
  5. If you have a question or an exisiting issue, please post to the forums instead of the blog. The blog is an area for concise information and over the course of the years, people have been posting their problems on comments or creating new posts for things they can find via our search engine.

We’ll leave all of the previous articles and posts as is with little modifications, but hopefully in the future, everyone will learn to use the website correctly.

All posts are reviewed and comments are moderated to keep spam and other unwanted items off of our website. If you need to post photos, you can do so using the media icon above your text area. Photos are extremely helpful in explaining your situation!

PLEASE try and use the forums for all tech support issues.


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