Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement Makes Toshiba Pay For Bad DLP TV Lamps

If you haven’t heard, Toshiba is being forced to give out refunds through a class-action settlement that claims Toshiba knowingly misrepresented the life of their proprietary, direct current, DLP lamps, which we all know to be extremely short compared with their Philips Lighting counterparts, whom use alternating current in their UHP brand lamps.

Wired staff writer Jose Fermoso writes:

“The class-action lawsuit, Ersler v. Toshiba of America Inc., had a claim that Toshiba ‘knowingly misrepresented the life span of the bulbs in the lamps contained in the lamp assembly component of its 2004 and 2005 DLP television models.’ If true, this would mean the sale of the TVs had brought about a ‘breach of express and implied warranties,’ and a violation of the State’s consumer Fraud Act.”

If you own one of the TVs and know have the right to the claim, you can go to the site created for the settlement at, or you can call the toll-free 1-800-894-1766.

Customers with DLP televisions using generic lamps have all complained that the cost of lamps has been high and the life of the bulbs is all too short. Buying the right brand DLP TV or other rear projection television lamp will be the most cost efficient, which is why we’ve always recommended Philips brand lamps – the inventor of UHP lighting technology.

Via Wired Magazine

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20 comments on “Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement Makes Toshiba Pay For Bad DLP TV Lamps
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  1. avatar Robert Lawson says:

    Toshiba 52HM84 lamp out,… what now,..????

    • If you didn’t sign up for the class-action, you’ll need to simply purchase a new lamp from a distributor. Toshiba is the only company we know that makes it hard for customers to purchase, so I suggest going with an authorized distributor like They should definitely have what you’re looking for.

  2. avatar Gordon says:

    My Samsung HL-4264WX/XAC makes a loud hmming noise ( sounds like a 600 volt transformer) and the lamp, timer and stanby indicators are flashing. Is this the sign of of the lamp only or something else.
    The noise tends to wind down and than wind up and as it winds down the picture pixelates.

    Where is the best buy for these lamps ( AT42L6 ) and is this my only problem???


  3. avatar Gordon's Monkey on his back says:

    Gordon, you have a bad color wheel…

    And WHY are you posting in the Toshiba lawsuit section??

  4. avatar Gil Gomes says:

    Toshiba SHOULD be sued. I have a four year old Toshiba 62″ DLP TV. (62MX195) that has been down for nearly four months. The problem was recently diagnosed as a bad main power supply board (part# 23764388) Which is not available anywhere. They are no longer being produced and are apparently being rebuilt by Toshiba when the mood strikes.

    I now have a $3,000 four year old paperweight that’s out of warranty. Unconscionable.

    • avatar Ada Hensley says:

      Hello Gil,

      My TV is also app. 4 years old. I have went over 1.5 years without it because of the costs of bulbs. Lately, my husband also purchased a fan hoping that the fan would fix the problem. However, that did not work either. Have you had any luck?

  5. avatar Flason says:

    Hmmm. I actually have TWO of these sets. Lamps last about 6 – 8 months (buying from at $168 per lamp for Toshiba 23311083 OEM lamps). I keep one “on the shelf” and replace them as they blow. I guess my TVs lamps fail LESS often than some others (lucky?!?). I also had bought them at COSTCO and got a power supply (rebuilt one) replaced by their warranty service. Because I am not either lucky or aware – I did not sign up for the TOSHIBA class action lawsuit settlement that would have given me replacement lamps for the life of the TVs. Arrrg!

    For grins, I called TOSHIBA today and, not being a part of the lawsuit settlement, asked what they could do for me. The reply is: ” TOSHIBA has extended the warranty on replacement lamps purchased from them or their authorized distributors to one year from date of purchase” Those claims must be handled through the distributor you buy from.

    My current vendor advertises:
    Original Lamp Manufactured by Toshiba In a Toshiba Box ($168, free ship)
    Our Toshiba inventory is less than 60 days old and this lamp comes with all the latest improvements from Toshiba.
    The manufacturer original lamp includes a Toshiba 1 year warranty

    I have been buying from these guys and have yet to have a lamp replaced since the DLP Lawsuit settlement so I have a choice of buying a lamp when I need it (NOT KEEPING “ONE ON THE SHELF”) so that it fails DURING the one-year warranty AND can be replaced OR having a spare so that my TVs actually work! It’s a wonderful world, TOSHIBA!

    Further info:

    TOSHIBA gave me their parts number 800-350-4105 and those of their five distributors:
    800-233-1064 $218 TOSHIBA or $180 aftermarket
    800-638-3328 Encompass
    800-321-6993 Fox
    800-274-4666 Andrews
    800-338-6342 Diversified

  6. avatar Tom Niemeier says:

    Sudden ZAP sound and then the yellow warmup light cycled, nothing, cycled again, nothing – etc. Does this sound like a bulb blown?

  7. avatar Larry Judd says:

    yellow light keeps resetting but no pic.This well be my 5th replacement bulb.

  8. avatar Carey says:

    I purchased my 72 inch Toshiba in 2006, and I have replaced my lamp, several times, now I have a color problem, the people are somekind of yellow or orange color…is this expensive to fix or can I do it myself…

    also, I was not told or notified of a lawsuit, is it still pending & how can I reach the laywers…

  9. avatar Michelle Stach says:

    Anyone know of a class action lawsuit against toshiba for bad main power supply boards (part# 23764388) ? They are no longer being produced and are apparently being rebuilt by Toshiba when they get around to it. Not really intersted in buying anything from Toshiba but dont want a $1800 paper weight.

  10. avatar mable says:

    tell more

  11. avatar mable says:

    pls provide how to get in on lawsuit

    • avatar jose n gloria casero says:

      i was given a toshiba by family a 65in toshiba that now has white pin lights all over toshiba denies any dlp chip problem im home bound with400 a month ssi,model # 65hm117 engine light.
      toshiba refuses to admit they are having any problem but its on pc the law suits they say toshia not true on pc they fix nothing. samsung is paying to fix n also misabitee what help can i get. thank u gloria casero 954=9632948 any help will be greatfull thank you

  12. avatar Big_D says:

    So anybody heard anything , i am in canada i think ,it will more lawsuit for here!

  13. avatar Rodchester Dolittle says:

    I’ve got a 65 in that I’ve been thru all the channels with.. Don’t fall for the Discount Merchant scam. They,re like all the rest. claims of OEM equipment that last for four months

  14. avatar RL Kathren says:

    I just found out about the problem with the Toshiba DLP TV’s, one of which I have owned for several years, and was dismayed to find that I had never been notified about the class action lawsuit. Is there anything that I can do now short of not buying any more Toshiba products or is it too late?


  15. avatar Felton Loney says:

    I have bought so many different lamps for my Toshiba 52HM84 DLP TV it is not funny anymore. I tried calling that phone# 1-800-894-1766 never can get thru and the web, is no longer in use, so I am giving up this is what Toshiba wants you to do, put customer service……

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Felton,
      Sorry to hear you are so discouraged. These class action lawsuit are sometimes not satisfactory. Have you tried just buying a new projecto lamp altogether from a different company? Discount Merchant sells good authentic lamps and can help you find one for this model. Try calling them at 1-800-281-8860. Please let me know how everything is going. Hope this helps.

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