Mitsubishi white death can be solved for under $300

How the Mitsubishi DMD DLP chip works

White dots on your screen? Here’s how to solve them.

You’ve settled  down to watch TV when you notice white star-like clusters on the screen. It’s not dust and it’s not a problem with the brightness.  It’s the Mitsubishi white death caused by a worn out DMD chip.

Find this New Mitsubishi/Toshiba 4719-001997 DLP Chip 1910-6143W on Amazon.

Mitsubishi DLP TVs have been plagued with the problems for several years now. Various forums talk about customers being given quotes of $600 and upwards for solving the white spot syndrome or replacing the DMD DLP chip . Fortunately, there are companies offering the offering the DLP chip for under $300.

Causes of white death

No matter what the brand, at the heart of any DLP TV the DMD chip invented in 1987 by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments. This optical semiconductor contains an array of up to 2 million hinge-mounted microscopic mirrors, so small they measure one-fifth the width of a human hair.

White death: why??

As it receives the signal, the small mirrors rotate, either tilting away from the light or towards it to produce those stunning images that have made these TVs a frontrunner for the consumer.  Since they are mounted on a yoke with an axle that literally twists in the middle, these micro mirrors get stuck and can no longer reflect the signal. The result is a white or black dot on the screen. As more and more mirrors become stuck, more white dots appear on screen creating an image that can’t be viewed.

MItsusbishi DMD DLP chip

The affordable solution

In order to address the issue, Texas Instrument has created a replacement DMD DLP chip that is affordable and readily available from recognized distributors. While part numbers may vary, the chip remains the same. The following part numbers are interchangeable:

Mitsubishi DMD Chip 276P595010
Board Number DMD Panel IC# 1910-6143W
Board Number DMD Panel IC# 1910-6145W
Board Number DMD Panel IC# 1910-6103W

Samsung DMD Chip 4719-001997
Samsung DMD Chip 4719-001985
Samsung DMD Chip 4719-001999
Samsung DMD Chip W1272-5003

Avoid an expensive repair bill and let your service center know about the DMD DLP chip for under $300.
Find this New Mitsubishi/Toshiba 4719-001997 DLP Chip 1910-6143W on Amazon.


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103 comments on “Mitsubishi white death can be solved for under $300
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  1. avatar G F Lueger says:

    Who are some of the electronic distributors that provide these chips. Thanks

  2. avatar Larry Kretzie says:

    Mitsubishi is replacing these DMD IC chips nationwide under an unannounced kind of recall for model #’s WD60C9, WD73733, WD57734, WDY657, WD73734, WD65735, WD60735, WD65C9, WD73840, WD65833, WD65733, WD73735, WD73833, WD57733, WD65734 and others. Call them @ 800-332-2119 and give them your model, serial # and date of purchase, tell them you have the white spots, they will set up a workorder with a local Mitsubishi servicer to come to your home and replace the DMD chip. Mitsubishi will supply the part (part # 276P595010) for free, but you must pay $200 in labor. BUT…if you ask for Shantell Hebert when you call Mitsubishi, and really push the issue, she will also pay half of the $200 labor fee, so you go from $400 to repair to only $100. Once that chip is replaced, the unit works great again!!

    • avatar J. Miller says:

      This worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip.

    • Thank you for your very timely & help full information

      Truly appreciate your assistance

      Carlos 786-218-5424

    • avatar Ray says:

      Larry Kretzie you rule dude!!! I made the call and they said no. Then I literally read your post and they said (and I quote) “Mitsubishi can help you out with that problem”. LOL $200 and I have a service call pending for this or next week. Thanks for the super helpful info bro!

    • avatar Diana Mejia says:

      Wow!!! It’s February 24, 2014 and I called today. Mitsubishi did indeed pay to replace the chip and half of the labor, so all I have to pay is $100!!! This is great and Mr. Kretzie, I am so thankful for this post! All they asked for was the Model, Seriel number, approximate date purchased and who it was purchased from. This is so helpful to me at this time. I will be contacted by the authorized repair place in the next 5-7 business days! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

      • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

        Congratulations Diana! This is great news and we are happy we could help out in our small way.

      • avatar Lo2027 says:

        Laser TV L65A90 same issue after 3 years i get black & white dots everywhere on screen unfortunatly i live in France
        I have already repaired the tv from nopower red blinking issue so i know how to repair it by my self..
        I called Mitsubishi to get the dlp chip sent to me and they say they only send it to service center is that true ?
        can’t they send directly to the customer ?

        • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

          Hello Lo2027,
          If you buy from Mitsubishi they want to do the work themselves. However, these chips are produced by Texas Instruments and are much the same for most models. There are places here in the USA that sells direct to customers. I would recommend contacting Discount Merchants. They ship around the world and can help you find the right chip for your model.
          You can also join our forum where we have a community of experts to help you with your dlp TV and get it up and running.
          I hope this helps.

      • avatar nathanb_18 says:

        What is Mitsubishis phone #?

    • avatar Al says:

      Well I had my 60 inch for 3 years and replaced the lamp already and now I’m getting white dot’s.
      The woman Shantell Hebert no longer works there,”so they say.”
      $200 was the said price to fix it, but the Queen (Wife) has spoken and there is no way she wants to keep putting money in a TV every 2-3 years and having repair guys in the house a 1/2 day.
      Mitsubishi TV are cheap for a reason, They are junk.
      Pay the money and buy a good one. When this one gets to bad off to view I’m getting as good one.
      To bad they have known about this problem for years and done nothing. Have they no shame? IMHO.

  3. avatar J. Chico says:

    Thank you for your info Larry. It was very helpful. I called Mitsubishi and mentioned your post and they verified everything you wrote. They have since sent the part and serviced my TV. I am pleased that I do not have to purchase a new TV. Once again MUCH THANKS Larry!!!

  4. avatar Denise Wilson says:

    I had a chip replaced too 4/9/2014 and they sent the chip free but I paid 272.83 the labor cost 200.00 and I had to pay 55.00 for mileage. I feel that I shouldn’t have paid anything because they new the chip was defective and it wouldn’t last no more than 2-3 yrs. I feel we should all get our money back for labor cost or any cost associated with repairing the chip. Of course it corrected my problem but disappointed that I had to pay for their costly mistake.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Denise,
      A lot of people feel that way. Unfortunately, the company is not stepping up to the plate and paying for the cost of repairs. We published guides on this website to help people replace their own DMD chip but if you are not technologically inclined then the best route was to pay for the service technician. The only thing I can recommend if writing to the company and letting them know they have lost your business. Certainly ask the to refund the $55 mileage fee. That seems a bit over the top! How is your TV working now? If you need more help, consider joining our forum. We have a community of experts who can help you sort out your problem and perhaps save some money!

  5. avatar steven says:

    I called them today on July 29, 2014 and they gave the $200 repair option to me. I later called back and told them how this is not my fault and explained how many bulbs I have had to replace in this TV quite a few in just a few years! And told them others are getting repairs for $100 after trying to drive it home it is not my fault and told them about the others getting theirs repaired for less and they said we can not validate online forums and I said I understand that but I want something better than what you are offering! I told them by them paying for the part they are admitting fault to this problem and they offered me a free bulb in the future and I said I can get them much cheaper online anyways they put me on hold came back and said they are going to repair the tv for free I have to pay nothing for it! So don’t give up put pressure on them they will take care of their product to make the customer happy and to save some face on the matter.

  6. avatar Steven Fleer says:

    Hi all,
    I am SO glad I found this forum. I noticed a pin head size white dot on my TV last night. I immediately started researching the problem and ran across this forum. I am going to call Mitsubishi later today to see what my options will be. I will do another post once I talk to Mitsubishi.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Steven,
      Push Mitubishi to repair the DMD chip. It’s an ongoing problem they have known about for awhile. Good luck and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  7. avatar Jacy says:

    Hi all,
    I too have the white dots. Has anyone tried to get the chip sent to their home so you can fix it yourself? If so how much for the chip?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Jacy,
      The chip itself costs about $220 and replacement is not difficult. People are having some success contacting the company and requesting the repair be done through their service department. You pay only for the chip. If this is not possible, our guide can help you through doing the change step-by-by-step. You may want to consider joining out forum ( where there is a whole community of experts to help talk you through getting your white dot syndrome resolved. Good luck and keep us posted on how things are going!

    • avatar Linda says:

      They refused to ship part to me. Said they will only ship to authorized service center.

  8. avatar JD says:

    I called today and had to push three times for the better deal like those got before me. First offer was the standard $200 – second was a free bulb in the future – third was the free part/labor deal.
    Thanks for the awesome information!!!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hey JD,
      That’s great news! Glad everything worked out and Mitsubishi stepped up for good customer service.

    • avatar Summer says:

      Mitsubishi will send me a waiver to cover the cost of parts and

  9. avatar jmd in TX says:

    Just wanted everyone to know that I just called mitsubishi and after the script “we won’t send you the chip/wewill pay for part you pay for labor/we will pay for part and send you a lamp you still pay labor/ and finally we will pay for everything but no free lamp”, they are emailing me the waiver and will have a local service center contact me for the visit. They pay for part and labor. Took about 15 minutes on the phone, and I was polite but firm in stating that they are essentially admitting the part is defective by offering ANYTHING on a tv out of warranty for five years. Polite yet firm that I should bear no cost for the repair. The cs rep was also polite. It’s funny I have read all up on it and knew EXACTLY what she was going to say before she said it. Just politely refuse their offers and they will place you on hold twice. The third time they come on they will tell you they will pay for repair and part. Excellent.
    This is on a 2008 wd-65835 tv fyi.
    Just wanted everyone to know if you stick to your guns (and be POLITE) they WILL fix it.

  10. avatar jd in tx says:

    I called got the script about 200 labor. I politely refused all offers (free part, free lamp and part of I paid labor) until they offered me part plus labor. Took 15 minutes. Be polite yet firm. They sent me a “settlement agreement and release” to sign, so they know the dmd is defective, they just won’t publicly admit it.
    But they will fix your tv if you stick to your guns and don’t settle for any less.
    Pretty good customer service imo, would be better of they recalled the dmd and fixed them for free instead of making you force them to. But whatever. My tv is wd 65835 by the way.

  11. avatar jd in tx says:

    In response to Jacy I pushed hard for them to send me the chip. The cs rep told me in no certain terms there was no way they were going to do that.
    But they will fix it for free, so…ok.

  12. avatar Shaun says:

    I’m having the same issues, and the dots seem to multiply every time I turn on the tv. Just so I understand, if I call and politely decline the first two offers, then I can get the chip and service with absolutely no cost to me?

    Thanks guys!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Yes Shaun. Call Mitsubishi and press them for the chip free of charge. They are going to charge you for the labour to replace it.
      Good luck!

  13. avatar Ben Mikulcik says:

    This sooo works. Exactly as described above happened. First time, covered chip but it was $200 for labor. Second time, still $200 for labor, BUT free bulb. Third time, covered all the labor and materials, but took the free bulb back! Just keep pressing and be prepared for a 15-20 min time on the phone. It is worth the wait to save the $200. They make you sign a form releasing them from the class action lawsuit going on (which it didn’t make sense to me to be part of because all it was about was the cost anyways, which they are now covering to fix). Be patient and you will be rewarded!

  14. avatar Cliff says:

    I can also confirm that on 12/16/2014 Mitsubishi customer relations at 800-332-2119 agreed to pay for the part AND labor (free lamp rescinded with free labor offer) upon signing a confidentiality agreement which is being emailed to me.

  15. avatar GRUBBIE says:

    Well I just got off the phone and 28 minutes later they agreed to everything that is listed in the blog. It took a little while as they put me on hold the first time and got disconnected. So I called back and got a very nice lady and she gave me the free part and lamp offer….ya baby….BUT still said that was no big deal as I have 2 extra lamps for “just in case”. She put me on hold for a third time and can back with free part and free labor but I MIGHT have to paid for TAXES and MILEAGE…..LOL…I said okay…I also still asked for the free lamp which was offer number 2 but still didn’t get it….oh well. Just play the game, be polite and stick to your guns as it works…I didn’t mention that I read how they play the game for this issue. Thank you for this wonderful post as I have been looking at these darn white dots for about 9 months…

  16. avatar Rodrigo Z. says:

    Well, after doing a LOT of research and a couple of minutes away from ordering the DLP chip online i came across this forum last night. I thought, what the hell, i’ll give it a shot.
    The script repeated itself again as i talked to mitsubishi consumer relations today. We’ll pay for part you pay for labor, same but free lamp and finally free part and labor but no lamp.
    Its worth noting that the chip was changed before about 6 months after i purchased the tv back in 2009.
    This is how it went down……
    I called 800-332-2119 and at the menu i pressed 8, not 1 or 2 like it tells you to, i read somewhere that that number is a higher customer service rep or something.
    I explain to the guy that my tv was getting these white and black dots everywhere and i was calling to see if they could help me since this was the second time this had happened. He asked me for the model and serial numbers and he tell me that the tv is out of warranty and there is nothing they can do about it. I go on and tell them “well, i know its out of warranty but this is a well documented problem on these tvs and there should be some kind of responsibility from mitsubishi for putting out a defective product”.
    He tells me there is no recall on my model (wd-60737). I tell him that the problem seems to be on all dlp models with the texas instruments chip.
    He tells me again there is nothing they can do. I tell him i would like to talk to a supervisor and he puts me on hold for a couple of minutes.
    He comes back and gives me the free part but $200 labor. I tell him there is no way im paying somebody $200 for something i can do myself in under 10 minutes and he tells me that it is company policy to ship to an authorized service rep. I go back to telling him the same thing and i ask him to speak to the supervisor so i can explain it to him myself.
    Back on hold for another 2 minutes and he comes back with the free lamp offer, i tell hime no thanks, I got a deal on 2 lamps last year and i still have them. I want the part shipped to me please plus the chip is 150 online so i might as well buy it myself.
    Back on hold again and he comes back with free part and labor but no lamp. Im getting the release on the mail and we’ll go from there.

    A couple of pointers before you call. Keep reminding the guy that you are pissed off at MITSUBISHI, not him, you dont wanna piss off the guy that can get your tv repaired for free. also remind them that the part can be get online for under the $200 service call, Ive seen it for as low as $143 with free shipping.
    Dont take no for an answer, if you come to a dead end ask for the supervisor.
    I’ll post again after the repair is done to update everybody

  17. avatar joe peebles says:

    Like everyone else when I got the white dots I went on line to see if I could find a solution. I found this blog. I called Mitsubishi at 10:30 on Tue. morning. Spent about 10 minutes on the phone with a very nice young lady. She gave me absolutely no hassle. In fact she guided me through the procedure. Set me up with a local authorized repair shop. She said they would contact me as soon as they received the part. Not more then 15 minutes from hanging up with Mitsubishi I got a call from A-1 sales and service. The man named Wyatt told me he had just got a work order from Mitsubishi for my TV. He said he had the part in stock and would I like to set up a time for them to service the TV. I set it up for Wed. the next day. They arrived at 11:30 Wed. morning replaced the chip, set my TV back up including all the devices I had going to the TV. Maybe 45 minutes total time. That’s a 24hr turn around from the time I called Mitsubishi. I never had to argue with anyone about getting this fixed. Really? I don’t believe it myself. I say congrats to Mitsubishi. I didn’t get a free lamp nor did I ask for one. Customer service these days is non existent at most places. Mitsubishi was more then great in this case.

  18. avatar carla says:

    Yes white dots and she acted like I was the first to call her!I just got off the phone with Mitsubishi customer service. Went just like everyone has said. They offered chip and $200 to put it in…I told her I didn’t have the money and it is a defective chip. She put me on hold and came back in a few minutes saying they would pay the $200 labor but there might be incidental charges like tax or mileage. I asked how much and she said she would check and call me back. When she called back she says it would be $16.50 tax…really!! She says after I sign and return settlement form which she is emailing they would contact the repair shop. I am waiting on the email now. If it doesn’t go as planned I will post the details…good luck all!

  19. avatar jodi says:

    roomie calls it the milky way and its spreading across the screen from left to right.

    after reading everyone’s posts, i decided to give calling Mitsubishi a try. Apparently, they are getting wise to the fact we know how to get them to do this repair done for free. They are playing hard ball. i called and it seemed to be going as everyone described. i pled my case, the young lady made the repair offer. I scoffed politely and asked why they would ask me to pay if this seemed to be an ongoing issue according to my research on the internet. She stuck to the company script and tried to tell me they haven’t had any problems with these tv’s (!?!). Told her I begged to differ and asked for a supervisor. She put me on hold for about 5 minutes or so. When she came back on the line it was with an apology for the wait and an excuse the supervisor was still on another line. She again went over the offer to have the repair done. I told her I would love to have the repair done if they are willing to do it but I didn’t think I should have to pay for something Mitsubishi was well aware is an on-going issue with these tv’s. She actually said to me “I speak on behalf on Mitsubishi. We haven’t had any problems with these tv’s.” I almost lost it but kept my cool and asked again to speak with a supervisor. At this point, she offered to have the supervisor call me back but it would take at least a day. I’ve worked customer service before. I know the “just get the P.I.T.A. caller off the phone” tactic. When she asked me if I still wanted the supervisor to call me back (like I was going to cave and take the $200 offer to repair the tv instead of waiting to talk to a supervisor), I told her that I did and I wanted to speak with someone today. Here she stumbled and said she couldn’t guarantee I’d get a call back today.

    I probably shouldn’t have mentioned I researched the problem on the internet. She automatically went into defense mode. We’ll see what happens. I’m not holding my breath. I may end up paying for the repair.

  20. avatar donb says:

    OK, just called regarding my 65 inch DLP (65833)
    Everything went according to “script”. First offer of free part and I pay the $200 tech fee. I complained, was put on hold. Agent came back with upped offer of free lamp bulb (a $249 value). Asked to speak to Supervisior, proceeded to be cut-off while on hold both times.
    Agent said numerous times, “this is our best offer”. Still asked to speak to agent. Was NOT giving the option to hold and told a supervision would return my call in 1-2 days. Fingers crossed, seems like the know we are on to them……….

  21. avatar matt says:

    Well i just called and they are paying for everything (labor & part)
    Well see what happens next (phone call)
    Will report how it goes.

  22. avatar Rrill says:

    Called Mitsubishi and talked to an agent. He would not go beyond the free part ans $200 labor charge. I was on the phone for 20 minutes, I was polite and so was he but no matter how firm I was or how much I pressed, no other offers. No free lamp. No free labor. He said free part and $200 labor was the only offer they had. I said no thank you and hung up. Maybe I’ll call another day and get another agent. Maybe the free lamp or free labor is off the table now? They’re bound to stop offering it sooner or later.

    • avatar Linda says:

      Same thing happened to me. I suggested that once my tv repaired, will contact Attorney General. He proceeded to ask why and I advised,they were repairing a problem they were aware of. He wouldn’t connect me to supervisor. Said there were none available. I told him, I worked for Pitney Bowes service department and I understood the tactics he was using. He finally sent request and said it would be at least 24 hours before I received return call. Will see what happens.

  23. avatar KEVIN says:

    I was very dissapointed when i started having the white dot issue on my tv witch is less than two years old and MITSUBISHI refused to do anything to correct the problem without getting into my wallet.. So i took that JUNK T-V out back and used it for target practice the other day.. So know it has some very nice LARGE!!!! holes in it…. MITSUBISHI SELLS JUNK ELECTRONICS AND I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT OFF THEM EVER EVER EVER… THAT COMPANY SUCKS!!!

  24. avatar FREFFY says:

    When I spoke to a Mutsubishi rep last week, the rep was adamant re owner installed chips.. NO WAY! I get a Free chip but an appaling $200 charge for a 15 minute install job. It was the “policy/price agreed” on by Mitsubishi and its authorized repair shops. So they sent the chip to the auth/rep. Fine

    I called them this morning and the receptionist answered. I told her my name and that I’d be there shortly to pick up my chip. She said that would be just fine and gave me the address.

    10 minutes later I had the box in my hand. I wasn’t even asked to sign for it. Something in the receptionist’s voice (youth, naivete) that made me change my tack at the last second.

    Whatever the case, I got mine free

  25. avatar Michael says:

    Just called in. Followed the script but hit a roadblock after the free part and pay for install offer. CSR played the no supervisor on duty card, so I am going to give it another try later today, but it appears that Mitsubishi has tightened up the offer.

    • avatar matt says:

      I never asked for a supervisor.
      I told them my cousin just had his replaced for free so why are they charging me for the same thing?

  26. avatar Shana Knight says:

    i have a 2010 60 inch and i have white and black spot covering my screen,i ordered my chip from amazom. It arrived at my house,i paid 195 for it. This was b4 i read this forum. So glad i found it,thats how i got info on what to do. Long story short i called gave them my info,and told my story about having the chip already they gave me repair man so i will keep yall updated.

  27. avatar v-bsh says:

    Just tried.. nothing. They tried to give me the standard $200 service deal. I asked them to ship me the chip, and I was going to look into joining a class action lawsuit. Not worth pumping $200 more into a 5.5 year old TV.

  28. avatar Joe Bongiorno says:

    I called them on Friday after reading this forum. I have a WD-73735 TV. A very unsympathetic customer service rep named Coleen gave me the same spiel as you guys all got, that they’d pay for the cost of the part and that’s it because my TV was out of warranty. I spent at least 15 minutes on the phone with her discussing the issues, noting that I know this was a problem with their chip, that this is my second Mitsu TV (I also own a 65 inch from ’99), and that I knew several others who had the cost of labor covered.

    She wouldn’t budge and I asked to speak to a supervisor. Of course, none were available and they’d call me back in 24 hours.

    A supervisor named John (wouldn’t give me his last name) called me today and sang the same song. I told him I’d give him names of customers who had the labor covered, and that this was a long-standing issue with these chips. He said the case was decided by the managers and he could do nothing but offer me the cost of the part. I asked to speak to a manager who could DO something, but he said they don’t take phone calls. I got a little angry and said that not only would Mitsubishi lose a customer, but that if no one called me back with a better offer, I’d contact an attorney who would escalate this matter to the next level, and that Mitsubishi could face a class-action lawsuit because they knew they had a faulty chip.

  29. avatar Joe Bongiorno says:

    Hey Shelagh,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Do you recommend that I call them back? Do I give them my case #, or act like it’s my first time calling and just try to get someone more reasonable on the line?


  30. avatar Dion says:

    Called them twice and they will not budge on anything. I have to pay for part and labor because I did not have extended warranty on my TV that I bought in 2008. 57″ WD65734

  31. avatar Dick says:

    I just called and the rep, after consulting with her supervisor, said “based on the age of my WDC-657, 2007, that there is nothing they can do for me.” The rep said she got that from her supervisor who would tell me the same thing. I expressed my disappointment with Mitz and I even asked for the free part with $200 labor deal and was told that they could not and would do that. She gave me the name of two local repair places to call. (I was left to deal with the problem on my own). What to do now?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Dick,
      How old is your TV? Have you tried going further up the chain? It is possible to replace the defective DMD board on your own. You could also join our forum where our experts can walk you through changing the board.

  32. avatar Dick says:

    Shelagh, Thanks. The TV was purchased in SEP 2007 from Costco. I bought a 4719-001997 DLP Chip from Jimmy for $189.99. I just successfully installed it (one hour job and more like two hours the first time) following the videos on YouTube …. Yippee … NO MORE WHITE DEATH!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hey Dick,
      Congrats on reviving your TV. Victory is yours and we are happy we could help out in our small way.

  33. avatar George says:

    I tried calling last week and they gave me their “we’re helping you out, we’re not admitting the part is faulty. We can only offer you the free part, but you have to pay for service” story. I asked for a manager, they said one would call back within 2 business days. That never happened, so I called again yesterday and asked for a manager, one actually called me back today, but they won’t budge on the $200 service fee.

    Anyone else have any luck? I think I’m just gonna sell this TV (WD-60735) on craigslist. Not worth spending money on anymore.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi George,
      If you are at all technical you can replace the DMD chip yourself. But it is a catch 22 because the company will only send the part with a service technician. Most people get plenty of mileage out of the TV once the DMD chip has been replaced. Do let Mitsubishi know you won’t be buying your replacement TV from them.

  34. avatar PJ says:

    Just called Mitsubishi and they stuck to their guns. Offered to pay for the part but not the labor. Said that they have never offered anything else since day 1 and that anyone that claims to have got labor for free is lying. When I asked to speak to a supervisor the guy I was speaking to named “JD” said I was speaking to one. I said that I would still like to speak with someone else and he said that there was no one else to speak to. I asked for his full name so that I could reference that I spoke with a supervisor when I file a complaint and he refused to give me his name for “security” purposes.

  35. avatar JB says:

    Had just two white dots on my 2008 Mitsubishi DLP, but I figured it’s best to be proactive and get it fixed now, since later on when I have a zillion dots Mitsubishi might not do a thing. Called them, and initially I was told that they could do nothing for me. I said that was not acceptable and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told no supervisor was in, and I could get a callback tomorrow from one. I said I need to speak to a supervisor now, and was put on hold for a minute or so. Supervisor get on the line with me and says in order to “see what we can do for you”, I’d need to email or fax them my proof of purchase. I know it’s a stall tactic, but I say ok, since I purchased from Costco, and I know I retrieve a duplicate receipt from them. I do so the next day, and right outside the store, I take a pic of it, and email right to Mitsubishi. This was on a Saturday. Monday morning I get an email back telling me they’ve received the receipt, and to call them back with my case number. They offer me the part free with the $200 service center install, but try to make me pay for mileage. I agree to the $200, but adamantly refuse to pay for a tech to drive to me when that is part of their job description. They call the tech and he agrees to waive the mileage fee. They then tell me it’ll be 3-5 business days for the tech to receive the part, then he’ll call to schedule the work. Today (Wednesday), I get a call from the tech, who tells me he already has two brand new in box chips, and he can come install today. I say, “Yep!” An hour after he arrives the work is done, and he also THOROUGHLY vacuumed out my whole set plus the light engine! Nice guy, too! No more dots, and I’m a happy camper!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hey JB,
      Congrats on a successful repair job! Happy viewing and thanks for sharing. For other reading this: Hang tough with Mitsubishi and they will deliver!

  36. avatar Ode' says:

    I have a lot of white pixels on my 2008 WD60735.I will call Mitsubishi on Monday morning and see what they are willing to do. Hope to have good experience with them.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Ode,
      Hang tough with them and insist on them doing the labour for free so you pay only for the new DMD chip. They will try and get you to pay for everything but stick to your guns and keep asking to speak with supervisors up the chain of command. Good luck. Let us know how it went.

  37. avatar Nancy says:

    I have little white dots on my Mitsubishi TV- 65: I purchased it in 2009– called Mitsubishi they are going to send certified dealer to replace my DLP chip for $200 labor– they will cover the cost of chip
    Thanks for the all the information everyboyd posted

  38. avatar gbt says:

    I have a wd60737, manufacture date Dec. 2009, purchased new Sept. 2010, started with the white dots about a week ago. I am up to 22 at this time. emailed Mitsubishi with details, they CALLED me back the next day, assigned a case number, asked for copy of original purchase receipt and tag info from back of the set. today they emailed me to call them, they offered to replace the chip free but I must pay for the $200 service tech. I am mulling it over, they would not send the chip directly to me and explained this is the only offer available. I will try to insist on free install to but I am not confident I can get them to do it.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi GBT,
      That is the standard deal from Mitsubishi. They replace the chip but want you to pay for service. Some people have gotten the whole deal for free by insisting on speaking with a supervisor and sticking to their guns. It is a manufacturing default after all. Just keep going up the chain of command. People who did managed to get everything done for free but it did take a lot of time and energy. Good luck!

    • avatar gbt says:

      Update… Mitsubishi is providing the chip but not the labor. I spoke with the repair service center and the tech is familiar with what to do and there are no extra charges for mileage (30+ each way). They will call me when the part arrives at their shop and schedule a visit to my house at my convenience. I am happy at this point… $200 is better than having to buy a new TV.

      • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

        Good for sticking to your guns! Mitsubishi has known about the defect for some time and it’s got nothing to do with the age or usage of the TV. This is a manufacturers defect. Happy you got it resolved.

        • avatar gary b taylor says:

          Service tech did the fix today. We are happy…TV looks like new. $200 well spent…tech said should last a very long time as the replacement chips are better. Thanks for all your help and encouragement.

  39. avatar Steve Williams says:

    Hi there. I have the white spots like everyone else on my WD-73638. I have read much of this forum and am putting a “game plan” together on how to proceed, but was wondering something:

    I have very low time on my tv as I don’t have cable. I watch movies from time to time, and that’s it. How do I figure out how much “run time” is on my tv so I can use that as a bargaining point?

    Thank you.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Steve,
      I’m not familiar with this term. Are you trying to discuss how much you use the TV? Do you still have the original lamp in the TV? This would be a good indication of how often you use the TV. If you’ve had it a few years and still have the original lamp then it’s obvious you are using it lightly. Good luck.

  40. avatar billyg says:

    I just contacted Mitsubishi about the TV I have that was manufactured in June of 2007 and they wanted me to pay at first $225 for the part. I told them I wanted it cheaper based on the testimonies online and that I was willing to sign the “waiver” to do so. They kept giving me the run around and so I asked for the supervisor, which first they said was unavailable after a 5 minute hold, but then came on. It was a guy named Arjun in Manilla, Philippines. After I told him what I wanted, he said he couldn’t help me with this model because it was out of “way, way” out of warranty, something the first girl I spoke to kept saying over and over again (clearly part of a script). I could tell he kept putting me on mute and finally when I asked him why he wasn’t trying to offer me anything better than the $225 deal, he said that wasn’t even possible. When I asked why not, he said it would actually be $225 plus shipping and handling PLUS labor. Who knows how much that would be.

    Does anyone have the info on the class-action lawsuit? I think I’m done with these jokers.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Billy,
      Keep going up the chain of command to get the labour for free. Most people are successful in having to pay for just the chip itself or just the labour but never both. For class action suits, you will have to do some digging around.
      Keep calling the customer service center and asking to speak the the higher ups. Persistence seems to pay off. Good luck and sorry for the frustration.

  41. avatar Mark says:

    Well that didn’t go well. Called and got the standard $200 answer. Asked for a supervisor and after 5 minutes on hold was told no body was available. I told her that that was not acceptable and need to speak with her supervisor. She refused and then said, “Don’t you think that at some point Mitsubishi should not be responsible.” Seriously. I said the fact that they knew about this problem during the manufacturing run of these TV’s makes them completely at fault and responsible. Still no soap. So I asked to have the supervisor call me and she said it takes up to 24hours. I said, OK. Asked for a reference number which was provided and now I wait. So it looks as if they are now taking a hard stand against giving away these repairs. Also, I did ask for the part directly and, like so many ohters, was told they only ship part to authorized service centers.

    So……I wait.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Mark,
      Keep asking to speak to the supervisors and stay firm. They should honor their commitment to you as a customer and offer you the same deal as with others. Good luck.

  42. avatar Brian says:

    I purchased my 65 inch tv from a private owner who was upfront and informed me of the issue with the chip. She gave me a great price on the tv and told me that I could get the chip online and replace it myself for less than $200. When I started doing some more research on this I came across this forum and the responses from you all. I called Mitsubishi and I was anticipating to have to press the issue some, but I got a very rude CS Rep who started out pleasant until he said that their was no warranty left on my tv. I informed him of all the online message I had seen about the recall and he stated that their was no recall but that they were dealing with them on a case by case basis. I was trying to get more information whe he because a complete jerk and just kept repeating that they was nothing they could do for me. I asked to speak with someone else and he told me that there was no one to speak with. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me that he was a supervisor and I asked to speak with his supervisor and he stated no that he was not going to allow me to speak with anyone else. I hung up on him and called back. After about 20 minutes I finally got to speak with a supervisor who just kept focusing on them not being able to do anything for my tv. I told him that I was not calling back about the tv at that point but about how rude the previous CS Rep was to me on the phone. He acted like there was no issue with how he handled the call and I had to inform him on how many issues there were with the call. I work in CS and I told him that the previous Reps actions would not be acceptable in any other call center and that if this is how they treat their customers then I would make sure to tell any and everyone I could to not by Mitsubishi products. After about 5 minutes on the phone with the supervisor he asked me what it was that I had wanted and I told him to know that this sort of treatment is unacceptable and that it would address with the employee. He finally apologized to me and then proceeded to tell me that because my tv is more than 6 years old that it would not be covered under the warranty. I asked him why does that matter if you know that there is a known issue with the chip in all tvs. He just stated that this was their process and that I would need to call a local repairman to have my tv fixed. If anyone knows of anything else I could try I would appreciate it, but Mitsubishi will hear from me some more. I did not tell them that I purchased the tv second hand because that was a non issue, because it had noting to do with the chip, so to them I am an original owner and they still treated me like crap.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Brian,
      It seems that the people who get Mitsubishi to replace the chip have had to call several times and be persistent. The best that Mitsubishi is offering is the pay for the DMD chip and ask the customer to pay for the technician’s service call. If you hit a dead end and you are handy or know someone who is technical, you can replace the chip yourself following our guide. I would call them back and ask again. Sorry to hear you had a frustrating time.

  43. avatar Elbert Davis says:

    Since my television was manufactured in 2008, they refused to do anything at all about it. I spoke with two customer service representatives who said there was nothing they could do. They both refused to transfer me to a supervisor. One claimed she had no supervisor.
    I sent an email to them expressing my disappointment with both the issue and the reps. Looks like I’ll be joining the class action lawsuit. It will also be the last Mitsubishi product my household purchases.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Elbert,
      They should still be honoring the commitment to their customers. The problem started back in 2008 and the problem is ongoing. Other manufacturers recognized the design flaw and some choose to stop manufacturing the TV. But Mitsubishi kept making the TV and should standby their customers. Do write the corporate headquarters and let them know they have lost your business. Here is a list of the corporate offices:
      Good luck and so sorry for your troubles.

  44. avatar Philip J. Ferenc says:

    Hi Shelagh,
    I have a Mitsubishi with the white dot syndrome. Per your instructions to others, I called Mitsubishi only to find that because I bought my TV in 2008 they wouldn’t even discuss the issue. So I asked for a supervisor and was told none were available and I would be told the same thing anyway, they cannot help me. I insisted to speak with a supervisor and I was told I would get one to call me the following day. Two days later, I still have no reply, but I am going to call again as soon as I finish this message. My issue is this tv probably has no more than 100 hours use on it as it is a second tv, so regardless of when I bought it, it is still “new”. I’ll keep you informed and would like to know how to get into that class action suit everyone talks about.
    Thanks , Phil

  45. avatar Jim McDade says:

    The installation charge of the chip is $200!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Jim,
      Above and beyond the chip price?!?! Negotiate for either free service or a free chip. Usually Mitsubishi will provide the new chip but charge for the installation. A standard fee of only $200 seems to be the going rate. Not fun.

  46. avatar James moore says:

    I have a model WD-60C8 with the white death, screen looks like it was hit with a shotgun. My tv was purchased late 2009, but was mfgr on July 2008.

    Called Mitsubishi to ask about the failure of the DMC IC chip 276P595010 and was told due to the age of my tv there was no current support unless I could find my long lost receipt from 2009 or have Best Buy provide me with a receipt.

    They gave me three repair services and were not helpful at all.

    Suggestions??? Thanks much.
    Jim, Manteca Ca

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Jim,
      Start off by calling and asking to speak with someone higher up the chain. They have been providing the chip free of charge but asking people to pay for the service technician to install the chip. Push for them to send you the chip free of charge. Replacing the chip is not time consuming and if you are at all technical, you can do it yourself. But start off with getting the chip. I will ask my forum webmaster expert what he thinks you should do. You can also consider joining the forum where there are people who are more plugged into the repair scene. Link is

  47. avatar Nuj says:

    My WD-73C9 now showing white and dot on the middle of the screen do you think mitsubishi will honor to repair it for free

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Nuj,
      The secret is to be insistent and ask to speak to a supervisor and keep going up the chain of command. Usually they will send you the chip for free but you will have to pay for the service call. Good luck.

  48. avatar Ted says:

    Hmmmm. Why won’t my reply of substance show up here, but these testing/pondering replies DO show up?

    Can a moderator or administrator please contact me about this?


  49. avatar Nick says:

    I have a 65″ dlp mitsubishi. Wondering if the info on here is still applicable.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Nick,
      We just updated this info. You should try calling the Mitsbushi customer line and insist they pay for the new DMD chip since it’s a manufacturer fault. Many people are having good luck getting them to agree to replace the chip — you have to be insistent. They give you the chip but you must cover the cost of a technician. It’s worth a try. There is always this tutorial as back up. Amazon is currently the best place to get the chip. Good luck!

    • avatar Cody says:

      Any luck Nick? I’m having this problem too.

      • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

        Hi Cody,
        The DLP chip does work in the Mitsubishi TVs but you need to get your model and serial number to make sure you get the right DMD chip.

  50. avatar Tim Shultz says:


    I have one of these TV’s and it’s just beginning to get the white spots. It was purchased about 8 years ago. Will they still honor this repair?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Tim,
      This is a manufacturer fault so technically they should honour the repair. However, the best that people have been able to get is the company paying for the new DMD chip and having the customer cover the cost of the technician. You have to push hard for this and insist on speaking with a supervisor. The main number used to be / # 1-800-332-2119 and when the menu voice starts, press 8. There was a class action suit against them for this reason but that was settled a while back. You may find more information here
      I would start off calling the company and being very firm with them about them paying for the new chip. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!

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