Cleaning your Projector Screen

A dirty projector screen can ruin your view. These tips help you clean the right way.


Your projector screen is an integral part of your projector set up. A dirty projector screen can affect your viewing experience. A build up of dust particles, grime and other marks affects a screen’s reflective properties. Regular cleaning and maintenance will give you the best possible picture all the time.

Regular cleaning is important but equally important is the method of cleaning. How you clean your screen will depend on the screen service. Be sure to follow the specific instructions for your screen type.

Universal tips

  • Avoid touching the screen since oil from your hands can build up over time and leave marks. Handle your screen using gloves to minimize the marks.
  • Keep your projector closed up to reduce the amount of dust and grime is accumulates
  • Every one to three days lightly dust your screen off with a clean, dry micro-rag.

Uncoated screens

Uncoated vinyl fabrics screen can be high contrast grey, matte or white. They should be dusted regularly every few days. When there is grim build up, spray a soft microfiber cloth with warm water. Make sure the cloth is free of any abrasive cleaners or detergents. Chemicals can leave marks or fade the screen.

With medium pressure, gently wipe the damp with an up and down motion. Don’t scrub or clean only on one area. When the cloth becomes very dirty, switch to a new one so you are not smearing dust around. Be sure to shake off the cloth after each stroke.

Don’t leave excessive water on the screen as this can dry into stains on the screen. You can end up with a ripple if water is left to dry on the screen. Dry the screen off with a separate rag. Once the screen is dry, check for any missed spots.

Glass or acrylic screens

Special care must be taken with glass or acrylic projector screens as they are easily scratched. Dust these screens daily to minimize build up of grime. For rigid rear screens, use a mixture of ¼ mild soap to ¾ water to clean the screen. Make sure the cloth used soft, lint-free and very damp.

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