Replacing the Optoma HD141X air filter

Optoma_HD141X_projectorWhy change the Optoma HD141X air filter?

Optoma HD141X air filter should be replaced regularly, Keeping this The Optoma HD141X air filter properly is an important part of keeping the projector running.
Air filters stop dust from accumulating on the optical elements inside the projector. Allowing dust particles to collect in the projector can cause it to overheat and cause the lamp to explode. Cleaning and replacing the  Optoma HD141X should be done regularly every three months. If the projector is used in a dusty environment it should be changed more frequently.

Replacing the filter

TO start
  • Switch the power off button on the remote control or on the keypad of the projector.
  • Disconnect the power cord.
  • Slowly remove the dust cover. Don’t force the lid off as this could damage the lid.
 Gently clean dust from the filters using a small brush or small computer vacuum.
If the filters are very dirty you will need to replace them.
Re-install the filter cover.
After checking for filter, turn the projector back on.
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4 comments on “Replacing the Optoma HD141X air filter
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  1. avatar James Ward says:

    This is an excellent projector, however recently I have tried to clean my filter because a filter warning came on. I have reviewed the manual and have tried to find a video on how to remove the filter. I have had several people review the instructions and neither of us can see how to remove the filter. On the lens side of the 143x there appears to be no way to separate the outside plastic case. I consider myself pretty good with directions and building things, but we can find no way to separate the outside case to get to the filter. Please help.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi James,
      I think you have the updated model that doesn’t have the filter. Is there just the small lamp cover that opens directly to the bulb? They don’t seem to give everyone a dust filter but sometimes that change filter message still comes up on the screen. It’s s stupid bug the company hasn’t sorted out. If you do just have the lamp cover, then open it up and see if there is any dust or debris inside. You can use a small computer vacuum to gently take anything out. You can then go to the Options Menu and select No to turn off the warning message and then reset the dust filter counter. (Some models don’t have this option.)
      I hope this solutions helps.

  2. avatar Pierre McDermott says:

    Hello I’m Having the same issue I cant seem to find the opening, and cant seem to see the different models, turns off a min after being on like flashing. also how do i reset the counter and the no turn off message?

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