Replacing the Epson EX7220 air filter

Epson EB-955W projector lampInstalling a new Epson EX7220 air filter is an important maintenance routine

The Epson EX7220 air filter should be replaced regularly. Allowing dust particles to collect in the projector can cause it to overheat and cause the lamp to explode.

Cleaning the Air Filter and Vents

Clean the projector’s air filter or vents if they get dusty, or if you see a message telling you to clean them.

      1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
      2. Gently remove the dust using a small vacuum designed for computers or a very soft brush (such as a paintbrush).Note: You can remove the air filter so you can clean both sides of it. Do not rinse the air filter in water, or use any detergent or solvent to clean it.Caution:
        Do not use canned air. The gases may leave a flammable residue or push dust and debris into the projector’s optics or other sensitive areas.
      3. If dust is difficult to remove or the air filter is damaged, replace the air filter.

Replacing the Air Filter

    • You need to replace the air filter in the following situations:

      • After cleaning the air filter, you see a message telling you to clean or replace it
      • The air filter is torn or damaged

You can replace the air filter while the projector is mounted to the ceiling or placed on a table.

    1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
    2. Carefully open the air filter cover.
    3. Pull the air filter out of the projector.

      Note: Air filters contain ABS resin and polyurethane foam. Dispose of used air filters according to local regulations.
    4. Place the new air filter in the projector as shown and push gently until it clicks into place.
    5. Close the air filter cover.

Need to replace the Epson EX7220 projector lamp? Follow our guide.

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