Change the NEC NP-PE401H projector lamp

PE401H_projectorWe have you covered when it’s time to change the NEC NP-PE401H projector lamp.

You can expect up to 2500 hours of lamp use (33pp in Eco-Mode) with your NEC NP-PE401H projector lamp.

When the lamp is reaching end of life the POWER light will start blinking red and the warning messages will appear on screen.

PE401H_projector_lamp_NEC NP24LP_warning

Invest in authentic

Prolong the life of your NEC NP-PE401H projector by installing an original projector lamp. Generic lamps look like a great bargain but have a number of problems. Your NEC NP-PE401H projector uses the NEC NP24LP projector lamp.

6 reasons to avoid counterfeit lamps:

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  • NEC NP24LP – Projector lamp – for NEC PE401H

    Changing the NP-PE401H projector lamp

    The NEC NP-PE401H projector uses the NEC NP24LP projector lamp. Follow these important safety instructions before installing the new NEC NP24LP Replacement Projector Lamp.

    • turn off the NEC NP-PE401H projector.
    • unplug the projector from its power source.
    • unplug the power cable.
    • wait until the projector is cool to the touch to avoid getting burned.

    PE401H_projector_lamp_NEC NP24LP_replacement1. Loosen the NEC NP-PE401H lamp cover screw.

    2. Slide the  projector cover off.

    3. Loosen the two screws holding the NEC NP24LP projector lamp in place.

    4. Remove the projector lamp by holding the indent and pulling up.

    NOTE: Your NEC NP24LP projector lamp should be properly recycled and not placed into regular garbage.

    Install a new lamp housing into the NEC NP-PE401H projector, gently pressing the projector lamp housing into the socket. . Tighten the screw on the projector lamp.

    Re-attach the NEC NP-PE401H lamp cover by sliding the cover until it snaps into place. Tighten the screw on the lamp cover.

    Reset the NEC NP-PE401H lamp timer

    Once the NEC NP24LP projector lamp has been replaced you will need to reset the lamp timer.

    PE401H_projector_lamp_NEC NP24LP_reset_timer

    • Plug in the power cored into the wall outlet.
    • Turn on the projector.
    • From the MENU select OPTIONS.
    • Choose CLEAR LAMP HOURS.
    • A confirmation message appears.
    • Select YES.

    Learn more tips for extending the life of the NP-PE401H projector lamp.

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