Replace the Mitsubishi WD-62827 TV Lamp

Mitsubishi WD-62827 TVHow to install a replacement Mitsubishi WD-62827 TV Lamp

When it’s time to replace the Mitsubishi WD-62827 TV Lamp follow this guide.

The best investment you can make is to invest in an authentic Mitsubishi WD-62827 TV Lamp. Knock-off counterfeit lamps have a shorter lamp life and have been created with toxic substitutes and are prone to explosions that s often damage the sensitive electronics in your projectors. Invest in authentic. The Mitsubishi WD-62827 TV uses the Mitsubishi 915P027010 Replacement TV Lamp.

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When the Mitsubishi WD-62827 TV Lamp is approaching end if life, the TV displays a warning message for one minute when you power on the TV. The message will reappear the next five times you turn on the TV. Change the Mitsubishi WD-62827 TV Lamp immediately.

Replacing the projector lamp

Before replacing the projector lamp, please follow these safety precautions.

  • Reduce the risk of electrical shock by disconnecting the power cord on the Mitsubishi WD-62827 TV
  • Reduce the risk of severe burns by allowing the TV to cool for at least 45 minutes. It should be cool to the touch.

MITSUBISHI WD-62827_lamp_cover

After the lamp has cooled, remove the plastic air exhaust grille/cover by removing two screws with a large Phillips screwdriver.

MITSUBISHI WD-62827_remove_lamp

    • With a large flat-blade screwdriver, loosen the three shiny screws securing the Mitsubishi 915P027010 Replacement TV  lamp in place.
    • Open the plastic bag that came with the new lamp.
    • Grasp the wire handle of the lamp cartridge and pull if out straight.
    • CAUTION: Do not tilt or rotate the cartridge, as small glass fragments may fall out. Without tilting or putting down the lamp cartridge, insert it into the opened bag.
    • Close the bag while being careful that no glass particles fall out.Note: The used Mitsubishi 915P027010 lamp contains mercury and should be properly recycled. Don’t throw it into regular garbage. Please recycle this lamp.

MITSUBISHI WD-62827 _replace_lamp

  • Insert the new Mitsubishi 915P027010 Replacement TV  lamp in the same orientation as the old cartridge.
  • Do not touch the glass parts of the new lamp cartridge. Push on the cartridge housing until it is fully seated.
  • Tighten the three screws. AVOID OVERTIGHTENING!
  • Replace the plastic grille/cover and tighten screws.

You are now ready to update the lamp reminder.

Resetting the lamp reminder

To reset the Lamp Reminder:
a. Press TV MENU to open the Setup menu.
b. Move the highlight to Lamp Reminder.
c. Press ENTER twice.


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