Solving projector heat problems

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Solve your projector heat problems

Stop your projector from overheating. Projector heat problems are common to every type of projector. Almost all projectors face problems with overheating. Whether yours is using an LCD or a DLP projector lamp, there is a tremendous amount of heat created—close to 200 to 300 degrees Th.e brighter and clearer the projection, the higher the heat. These tips will help your projector stay cool.

projector heat problems

Air flow

Uninterrupted airflow outside the projector is the most important thing to consider when installing your projector. There has to be enough space around the projector so air can circulate freely. Don’t place it atop any soft surfaces and make sure there is nothing blocking the sides.

Clean air is also important. If you are running your projector is an extremely dusty or smoky room, it is going to heat up much quicker. Cigarette smoke will definitely make the projector heat up quicker. If the room is extremely smoky, then you will need to check the air filters more frequently.

projector heat problems -- ceiling mountsProper placement

Placement is really important to keep the fans and air vents working. Keeping the area around the projector free from clutter will help the projector to stay cool and prevent any unplanned shutdowns due to heat buildup.

When using the projector on a table or desk make sure that there nothing blocking the vents. Never cover the projector when it’s operating as this can cause it to overheat as well. The heat from the projector has nowhere to go since it’s being created inside.  If you are mounting the projector leave enough space between the ceiling and projector to have air flow.

air filtersBasic Cleaning

Most projectors rely on built in fans to remove heat from the projector. These fans circulate cool air around inside the projector. These fans also draw in air to cool down the projector.  To prevent dust from getting inside the projectors and to purify the air there are also air filters in front of the circulating vents. Over time these air filters become dirty. If they become too blocked then air can’t circulate, and the projector starts to overheat. You should always check your air filters on a regular basis. Depending on your model, you may need to replace the entire air filer rather than clean it. Also check the fan and if it needs to be cleaned. This is usually done with compressed air to blow the dust away from the fan.

match-Room Temperature

A climate-controlled room is the best environment for your projector. An air-conditioned room will keep the projector from overheating. Adjusting the temperature can help the projector stay cool.

Use the off switch

Your projector needs time to cool down. It’s recommended that after a presentation you turn off after letting it cool. This will also make the projector lamp last longer.  Sometimes connecting cables don’t provide the proper connections and this can cause heat problems as well. If you find your cables are heating up, then replace them with higher quality ones.

Top tips for extending projector lamp life

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