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Wondering when to change the Hitachi CP-X260 projector lamp? Keep reading our step-by-step guide. Your Hitachi CP-X260 uses the Hitachi DT00751 CPX260 lamp. As theĀ Hitachi CP-X260 projector lamp reaches end of life, the Hitachi CP-X260 Lamp Indicator light will start …

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Fast, simple and easy! Follow this step-by-step guide for replacing the Epson PowerLite 8300i projector lamp. End of life TheĀ Epson PowerLite 8300i projector lamp lasts between 2000 to 3000 hours depending on the brightness settings. The number of hours may …

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Which projectors are compatible with the Epson ELPLP39 projector lamp? Scroll down for a list of projectors that use the Epson ELPLP39 projector lamp and find step-by-step instructions for installing new lamps. The importance of authentic Epson ELPLP39 lamps Extremely …

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Do you have a projection TV with a bad lamp? Is the lamp inside your TV a Philips or Osram 100W, 100W/120W, or a 120W lamp? Does it say 1.3 just after the wattage? If so, click here for the …

Philips 120W 1.3 UHP Lamp – OSRAM P-VIP 120 1.3 E23h Read More »

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