Green lines on the ole Samsung HL-R5087W 50" scree

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Green lines on the ole Samsung HL-R5087W 50" scree

Postby cesarsanch » Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:17 am

First off thank you very much for any advice...

I have a Samsung HL-R5087W 50" thats been on all day and suddenly green lines appeared all over the screen. Ive had this DLP for a while and the lamp has been replaced once, green lines appeared along the bottom of the screen a while back but we just deal with that.As I began to type I turned the television off about 3 times, turned off the xbox and continued typing and the lines went away.Back when I had the lamp replaced I made a mistake and called in for a repair instead of youtubing itneedless to say about 200+part later I learned to replace the lamp. Could this be a lamp issue? I have also seen some comments about switching the boards, if so which board what site is the most economic to purchase it and is it difficult to replace?

Much apprectated

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