Any manuals or guides for replacing DLP chip?

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Any manuals or guides for replacing DLP chip?

Postby Gigatron » Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:03 am

Hey Guys,

I started getting the dreaded white dots, a few weeks back, on my HL-S5687WX/XAA. Opened the rear of the TV, got the DMD number, ordered a new board, only to find it doesn't come with the DLP chip. Did a little research, determined that the new chip number is 4719-001997 (stamped 1910-1643W, replacing the original 1910-1603W).

Anyway, removal of the DMD/DLP assembly is fairly straight forward - 7 screws hold the assembly to the TV. There are 3 screws under white caps and 4 screws with springs. I've heard rumblings that after removing the board, it needs to be optically realigned, upon installation. Does anyone know which screws do what and how they affect the alignment? I'd assume that the screws with springs are used for alignment, but is there an order for tightening the screws? Do I tighten/align the 4 spring screws, and then tighen down the 3 under the caps, to lock the position?

If anyone knows of a step-by-step manual, or has done it themselves, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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