M50WH92S Need new lamp

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M50WH92S Need new lamp

Postby jason4207 » Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:49 pm

I'm trying to help a buddy of mine fix his rear projection DLP TV. Here are the vitals:

Model #: M50WH92SYK1
Lamp Type B

I've removed the lamp assembly, and it is obvious that the bulb is bad. There is shattered glass inside the bulb.

On the bulb itself there is the following info:

OSRAM P-VIP 120-132/1.0 E22h

I've read somethings online that suggests getting a Philips bulb would be a better investment and that the Osram bulbs tend to have more problems. This seems to fit my friends case as he had the TV less than a year before the bulb exploded. Too bad he didn't do anything about it during that first year. I read the manual and it looks like he could have gotten a free bulb under warranty.

Anyway, what do you suggest? And can you give me a definite on what part numbers I can use as replacements? I'm looking to just replace the bulb itself, and re-use the assembly.

Also, any tips for the future? Should I try to clean anything in the TV while I'm working on it?



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Re: M50WH92S Need new lamp

Postby Jake » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:54 pm

yeaaaah dude....

I say get the PHILIPS. In my experience i think Philips is the best lamp in the market and also better quality. About the warranty basically its like everything...if you have warranty you can replace it for a new one, without any problems.

About your model number...The lamp that you can use is a 275179, thats a E22 120/132W 1.0 PHILIPS Lamp, I can recommend you to get the Philips lamp....I checked on the DM website...and i think they have it..you can just buy the Bulb and...use your old housing box :D

about the tip...i can recommend you to clean your projector every once in a while....you know, clean the vent, get rid of the dust and stuff like that.

hope this info could help you dude...xDDD it took me a while to find your Lamp part number LOL

take care

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