Difference between KDF 42e2000 and 46e2000

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Difference between KDF 42e2000 and 46e2000

Postby Buddkat » Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:20 pm

I own a Sony 42e2000 and I'm having the 3 blink problem which I've investigated on the internet. I installed a new lamp about 4 months ago and everything went well until a week ago when it started shutting down and giving the 3 blink code. I took the lamp out, fiddled with the T2 board switch because I thought maybe it was'nt closing properly when the lamp assembly was inserted........that did'nt do any good. When I took a closer look at the T2 switch, it looked like it had been burnt slightly, or discolored from heat, maybe.
So I dug around on the internet and found a pdf service manual for a Sony 46e2000, and it appears to have the same components as my 42e2000. Same cabinet, same location of boards and fans, appears identical to mine. I have had the lower panel off the back to see how hard it would be to access the T2 board because I'll probably attempt replacement myself.

So, I guess my question is...........are the 42e2000 and 46e2000 basically the same? And which is the lamp switch board, the T1 or T2?

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