Replacement lamp has different wattage than OEM

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Replacement lamp has different wattage than OEM

Postby BOBGIBBONS » Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:48 am

I ordered a Samsung BP96-00224E OEM Replacement Lamp in August 2009 (ORDER# DM 56408). It was the bulb specified for my TV. Since that time the bulb has worked well but whenever a night scene is projected it is very dark and hard to see. I happened to save the original bulb and recently noticed that although a 100 watt bulb is specified even by Samsung, the original bulb was 120 watts. Can I buy a bulb the same physical size at the one above but in a 120 watt power format?
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Re: Replacement lamp has different wattage than OEM

Postby grayfox » Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:33 pm

You might find it useful to know that the lamp ranges (if this is a philips lamp) ranges from 100-120 even if it states only one of the two values. I think it might be time to replace your ballast, this is the second most common problem with RPTVs and it is one of the consumable parts that need replacement at least once during a projection TVs life span. Weak ballasts can ignite an older more “spent” lamp since the mercury quantity might be lower, but has problems when it is replaced with a new mercury rich lamp. A sure way to diagnose this problem is an electronic “arching” sound emitted during ignition, like a buzzing, that is the sound of the ballast not being able to generate the 15kv needed to ignite the lamp. Another indicator is the lamp error code, since the lamp is not igniting, TV automatically believes this is an issue with the lamp, unfortunately it has no sensor for the ballast!
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