panasonic DLP TV PT-60DL54J blinking green light

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panasonic DLP TV PT-60DL54J blinking green light

Postby alwalk » Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:07 pm

A friend gave me a Panasonic DLP TV model: PT-60DL54J he bought it new and only had it for 4 years before it stopped working (last6 months in storage). after bringing the TV home he couldn't get it to come back on. (moving company not sure if it was handled gently but it looks showroom) I bought it home to try my luck. Ive had a little success with electronics before (former Army electronic technician) Power button on- red light blinks 3 times then goes out /no sound/no picture/ removed rear cove/removed lamp & housing /used compressed air to clean- very dirty inside made sure to clean good especially around fan units. put lamp back in place/tighten screws. pushed power button on now light blinks green over 100 times goes out still no picture or sound. I still cant hear any noise inside "NO FANS TURNING". Maybe power issue? when should the fans come on?

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Re: panasonic DLP TV PT-60DL54J blinking green light

Postby businessphones » Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:42 am

Just try hard if you do something best from it or better way is to show it to a technician and if major problem persist than no need to repair it...
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