Panasonic PT-60lcx63

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Panasonic PT-60lcx63

Postby servantes » Wed May 12, 2010 10:19 pm

Hi All ! I have this DLP and got problems with it as follow :


TV Tries to turn on but after the "click" it goes immidiate into orange Button blink, this stays like that till i hit the power button egain ( 1 min waittime minimum ) after 2-3 tries it usually turns on. No other indicators come up

Installed a new lamp because i though it was that but it turned out it wasnt, same problem.

Yello Blob in the middle of the screen, i dedusted the TV from the Inside, so its not a dust blob, i guess its the blue filter inside the light engine ?
I try to find parts but no luck yet, panasonic wants lots of $$$ for the light engine and i am not sure even if thats causing the problem turning the TV on.

I appreciate any help !

TY !

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