Optoma projector DMD chip and colour wheel.

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Optoma projector DMD chip and colour wheel.

Postby Funkinetik » Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:42 am

Repair joy. I bought an Optoma projector off Ebay a few weeks ago for £36. When it arrived i realised i had been sent a different one. Checked out the model number and ooooh..... The model was still for sale at around £1500, an Optoma EX765W, 4000 lumens, wi-fi etc...bargain. (By the way im new to being a projector owner even though ive been a VJ artist for 20years.) Plugged it in and all worked ok apart from full of bright white dots, found out it was a DMD chip i needed to replace. Got a new one from China for £125 and with the aid of a service manual got to work digging deep into the machine to replace the chip. Got everything back together, plugged in and fired up, not a good noise... Sounded like the fan or something, then i thought it must be the colour wheel, i was right. Gutted i was so carefull putting everything back together. So back to the internet and managed to find a replacement for £30 from Hongkong. Couple of weeks later it arrived, i was ooooba careful replacing it. Gutted again when switched on, the colours were all wrong, thought i had got the wrong wheel. A bit more research and found out i needed to get into the projector's engineering mode menu to alter the setting of the colour wheel. Buzzin, got it sorted last night. Not bad work for a carpenter a 'chippy'.

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Re: Optoma projector DMD chip and colour wheel.

Postby ChubbsTech » Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:54 pm


Not bad at all. Congratulations sounds like you can be more than just a carpenter lol.

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