BenQ W600+ Failes to Start

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BenQ W600+ Failes to Start

Postby Vafan » Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:11 am

Hi all, figure this is a lost cause but would greatly appreciate it if you have any ideas:


Bought a new BenQ W600+ 5 or so years ago. Never saw a lamp hour warning but it started failing to start with a temp error -- occasionally trying to power up again would be sufficient but before long the lamp would just make a few feeble attempts to light and fail. Occasionally lamp indicator would show red so I figured it needed a new one.

[b]Fix attempt #1[/b]

Replaced the lamp assembly with a brand new one from BenQ. No luck but could almost get to the 'Searching for source...' screen.

[b]Fix attempt #2[/b]

Fans, vents weren't [i]that[/i] dusty by tried to clean out with an air duster. No luck.

[b]Fix attempt #3[/b]

Did further disassembly so could get better access to the heatsink, fans, blower for airdusting. Still no luck and probably damaged colorwheel / DMD chip in the process because now there seems to be more flickering and weird specular highlights.

This video shows the state of it now:

Any ideas please? I am guessing something is gone on the mainboard. BenQ are being very unyielding with technical information and the manual says status indicators power=off temp=green lamp=orange just indicates a "system event".

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Re: BenQ W600+ Failes to Start

Postby Nephilim » Sat Oct 15, 2016 5:53 am

Well it could depend on what you did while you dusted it out.. Did you take things apart or just open the case? IS the colorwheel infact broke or you are not sure?? there should not be anything wrong with the DMD chip unless you took it apart and did not assemble it properly..

But if you where getting a temp error it could be something broke like a fan or could have something blocking it from spinning.. IF the Projectors heat up the shut off..

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