Infocus LP600 projector not powering on

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Infocus LP600 projector not powering on

Postby jre90 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:55 pm

Ok so here's the problem, I've got an Infocus LP600 projector. It was working fine until I bought a freeview HD box to connect to it, I connected it using a HDMI to S-Video/RCA splitter cable it didn't receive any signal due to the fact I now know that the freeview box is dead so that's in the bin. The problem I've had was that when I connected the freeview box to the projector it went from colour to black and white (this was displaying the infocus welcome greeting thing) so I immidiatley powered down the projector to try a restart and see if it came back colour. It would power on but not boot up. On the little orange display screen it reads powering up 7 (the number being the second countdown) it stays on 7 and doesn't move and I can't figure out why, the lamp still works as it projects a blur but there's no real detail to it. I've read it might be a problem with the colour wheel but I'm no expert so needing an opinion from some who knows about projectors. Any help would be appreciated, but I'd like to know what can be done to fix it if its fixable and with an estimate price. Thanks guys

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Re: Infocus LP600 projector not powering on

Postby grayfox » Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:25 pm


wow ok so judging from th B&W portion of your post then the fail to ignite it sounds like a sure colorwheel fail. Just to rule out a digital video board being fried from the faulty box and rigged hookup, have you tried some sort of factory reset?
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