Trouble removing bulb housing ASLX50/6912B22010A

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Trouble removing bulb housing ASLX50/6912B22010A

Postby ozerobie » Sat Jan 15, 2011 9:42 am

Been battling with this lamp model in my LG62DC1DA for a few days now. The manual I have actually gives instructions but they are not for this lamp as step 4 states "Lift up the fixed wire handle on the lamp"and step 5 "Pull out the knob slowly and remove the lamp case".I do not see this fixed wire handle or knob, it is clearly different. I have the problem that after loosening the 2 long screws, the assembly moves around a bit but does not slide out. I see the other 4 screws at the end of the recessed tunnels futher back but i think it would be a hard ask to remove these with out dropping them into the TV.
The 2 thick black lamp wires do seem to be one of the problems. I am hesitant to remove the back screws and cannot see how the 2 black lamp wires can be detached.
Any help from experienced members would be much appreciated.
If this is all too obscure I shall post a pic next day or two.

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Re: Trouble removing bulb housing ASLX50/6912B22010A

Postby grayfox » Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:11 pm

I think maybe the lamp you are trying to remove was forced in, do you have any images?
also I know the forum moderators post videos on youtube yet I could not find one with you model number, do you have any other lamp number???

hopefully I can help you further =)
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